1. childwithabusa

    occasionally bogs from full throttle

    I have a 06 busa with 46k miles I've recently replaced the fuel pump and cleaned the injectors and recent plugs. sometimes when it warmed up it will bog down during acceleration as well as right after I let off it just won't give it any more other times it will hit 10k rpm and completely let off...
  2. I

    Hayabusa gen 1 1300 GSXR stottering bad throttle response misfiring only under load or half throttle

    Hello hayabusa community, Sorry for my english but i am from germany and try my best. I have a problem with my hayabusa gen 1 engine which is fitted in a desert buggy. we got it from a friend. It was build by an american company and everything worked perfekt. The buggy stood 5 years outdoor in...
  3. GXR1147

    Gen 1 charging woes

    So my charging issues were first noticed as a fuel pressure dropping issue. Finally noticed it was a voltage issue. The battery is brand new and also has a brand new Ricks regulator/rectifier. Bike charges at about 14.4V cold. As it gets to operating temps it doesn't charge and lives off of the...
  4. BusaJocky

    Sos! My Girl Won't Start!

    2001 Hayabusa won't start and it's my only means of conveyance! This may be irrelevant: *2007 ecu *full exhaust *supposedly has custom cam (I didn't do it) *gIpro tre I have ridden this bike 18k miles problem free until.. Bike began to run bad and kill battery: *changed rectifier and problem...
  5. M

    Gen 1 Rectifier And Stator

    I was riding and my battery light came on red and went back to green, then then the bike completely shut off. I smelled something burning. I have no power at all when I turn the key. No gauges no lights, nothing. The rectifier was burnt up when I took it off to check it. Also, the 30 amp fuse...