Sos! My Girl Won't Start!


2001 Hayabusa won't start and it's my only means of conveyance!
This may be irrelevant:
*2007 ecu
*full exhaust
*supposedly has custom cam (I didn't do it)
*gIpro tre
I have ridden this bike 18k miles problem free until..
Bike began to run bad and kill battery:
*changed rectifier and problem solved
Wreck bike 2 days damage except hole in magneto cover:
*change cover
Took cover apart and took 7 days for new one to come in so couldn't remember how that sensor in cover went..struggled with it but got it in
Things I've done so far:
*new battery
*new spark plugs..old ones looked crappy
*clean air filter
*changed oil
*pulled cam position sensor and cleaned even tho it looked perfect luck
This is what it does:
*If I continue to hold the start button it will spin and spin while backfiring with a faint smell of fuel.
*After so many turns the starter clutch seems to get in trouble and throw the c11 trouble code=cam position sensor.
*It does the same with choke engaged or not.
*If I lightly feather the throttle and press start button in short bursts she will occasionally start or start for a nanosecond.
*Once it starts it runs strong as codes or issues at all.
*It can be push started easily and will run thru all the gears in any throttle position with out any issue.
Any suggestions???
Could I have fcked up putting that sensor back in the magneto cover? Should I start there next?
I ordered a new cam position sensor but won't be here for a week. Any help would be greatly appreciated
The old plugs

I checked the plugs..they're dry and still clean. Fuel pump operating properly with correct voltage and all that. Injectors spraying good and steady. I'm at a loss of thought...I usually figure this stuff out.
Also is the crank trigger all good, and tested?
I forgot to update this...the problem was the positioning of the cams..I had to borrow the Hanes manual to figure out the proper way to align the cams..