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    Error Code 42 (ignition)

    Thanx in advance for all help. I replaced the ignition my 07 busa due to the tumbler getting old. Took off triple tree and unbolted and replaced. Had some trouble getting the plug back in. Now i am getting code 42. Could i have the plugged messed up or could i have set off the anti-theft on...
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    C24 C27 Codes. Can't Shake Em.

    Alright I'm at the end of my wits. I have a gen 1 Busa engine in my sand car. I'm getting the C24 and C27 codes. (Ignition signal 1 and 4). I ran a NA motor in the car for 12 years. Lost the bottom end. Picked up a new motor and Turbo. Original block was a 2004. New one is 2001. I'm using the...