1. R

    Missing parts….???

    So these two pieces are missing on my sons bike he purchased. The Schnitz shim has been added. Are these parts needed to make the rocket go??
  2. jayp577

    Electrical Issues. 05 Busa

    I'm usually pretty good chasing electrical issues but this has me stumped. On my '05, the gauges started working intermittently as I was going down the road. Thought connection, but could find nothing loose. Gauges have now totally quit, tail and brake lights no longer work. Checked the fuses...
  3. Hermbo29

    Few Questions From A Fellow Busa Junkie

    What up guy? Few questions if anyone could help out? I have a 03 and I was wondering what parts are interchangeable from the gen1's and gen2"s? Also any thoughts on iridium plugs or just stick to the standard ngk's? Last question , any difference between the oem or proformance crush drive pads...