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  1. Mikom

    Hello I'm a Hayabusa owner from Japan

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  2. Hello I'm a Hayabusa owner from Japan

    Hello I'm a Hayabusa owner from Japan

    大家好,我是住在日本的隼鸟主人。 我最近了解了这个论坛,我认为它对我的隼鸟习俗非常有帮助,我可以找到任何我想知道的信息,但都是英语,这对我来说有点困难,但我会因此而努力学习英语,这样我就可以获得更多的知识。 顺便说一句,我目前住在日本横滨 就在今年 2 月,我得到了我最新的 gen3,我之前有 08busa 和 09busa,其中一辆我在骑了 60,000 公里后卖掉了,另一辆在 2022 年 11 月发生了车祸,它自燃了,我完全失去了它们。现在我将开始用我的 gen3 去更多的地方。 用 翻译(免费版)
  3. K

    Gen 2 slip-ons on gen3!!

    had a Gen2 TBR slip ons lying around, so just to experiment fabricated a bend pipe to fit on the stock headers, and voila fits like a glove, sounds good, not too loud, no modifications done whatsoever to the headers or the mufflers:super::super: what do u think???
  4. Zee

    Really need help about this issue. Gen 2

    Hello everyone. I have around 15k miles on my 2017 gen 2, today something really weird happened. I took the bike out, stand up, in 1st gear, turn the key, and heard the fuel pump prime sound... rolled the bike back a little and then rolled forward, and the fuel pump primed again. Did this a...
  5. Q

    New owner and loving it!

    Just got my first gen 2 Had 800 miles on it till today. Picked it up yesterday in Baton Rouge and drove it all the way to Cleveland Ohio. Was an awesome ride, love it! All stock
  6. JSpeed

    1st gear dead, other gears vague.

    Hi from New Zealand. This is my first post here. I've looked through a heap of transmission related threads but can't find anything that matches my problem, so hoping this community might be able to help. Firstly a bit of background. The bike is a Gen 2, 2010 with nearly 50,000ks...
  7. Bwmtsg23

    2012 busa rough idle/ jerky throttle

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the busa riding but have always had a gsxr 1000 07, 08, 09, and 11 can’t figure out why my 2012 busa takes 2 or 3 times to start. When it does start it, the idle is are 600 rpm and it’s rough after about a minute or so it will idle around 1800rpm. While I’m riding the...
  8. D

    Is it possible to fit a Gen 1 240 swingarm kit on a 2013 Gen 2?

    Someone is trying to sell me a 240 kit with wheels for my 2013 Gen 2, but he says its for a Gen 1 and all I have to do is change the front hub. I'm not sure what the difference of the 2 Generations and if this is possible.
  9. T

    Gen 2 turbo busa hunt

    Afternoon ladies and gents, For a year or so now I’ve been wanting a street legal gen 2 busa turbo. Now I found one sold by GT’ motorcycles in Plymouth (south west England) in 2013. Which is very local to me. It was built by big cc producing 525bhp. VRN; W13GSX I’m hoping to track down this...
  10. Speedlimit190

    Sticky Throttle

    So I have this problem with my '13, been happening since I got around 1000 miles on it. Every time I ride it, the throttle seems to uncontrollably roll wide open, it does massive burnouts, and I can't quit smiling. I've replaced tires, exhaust and can't figure this out. The neighbors and local...
  11. paul2484

    Gen 2 Battery Problems.

    hi guys I need some advise on my 2015 busa, basically if I leave my bike for a week without starting it the battery fails and I need to purchase a new one. I've just purchased a motobatt which seems to be ok at the moment but that may be that I'm using it every day for work. I have a...