Gen 2 Battery Problems.


hi guys I need some advise on my 2015 busa, basically if I leave my bike for a week without starting it the battery fails and I need to purchase a new one. I've just purchased a motobatt which seems to be ok at the moment but that may be that I'm using it every day for work. I have a tracker-alarm and a usb charger port installed. has anyone had any problems like this or can give me some advise.

thanks in advance guys


not sure what's going on thinking I've got a drain on it somewhere, had it back to the dealer on a few occasions but they can't seem to find an issue. think I'm going to have to get someone independent to look at it.


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It's your USB Port. They pull power ALL THE TIME. I had to put mine AFTER the ignition instead of BEFORE. Did the same to me.

And probably the alarm. Keep it on a trickle charger.


Killed a 3 week old shorai battery ($175 gel battery). When I called customer service, the first thing they asked was if I had USB chargers and alarms(I have both). I ended up getting a warranty replacement and paid for the special charger that shorai recommends. My other bike sits for months at a time and fires right up, but it doesn't have an alarm nor a usb charger.
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