Gen 2 Battery Problems.


hi guys I need some advise on my 2015 busa, basically if I leave my bike for a week without starting it the battery fails and I need to purchase a new one. I've just purchased a motobatt which seems to be ok at the moment but that may be that I'm using it every day for work. I have a tracker-alarm and a usb charger port installed. has anyone had any problems like this or can give me some advise.

thanks in advance guys
not sure what's going on thinking I've got a drain on it somewhere, had it back to the dealer on a few occasions but they can't seem to find an issue. think I'm going to have to get someone independent to look at it.
It's your USB Port. They pull power ALL THE TIME. I had to put mine AFTER the ignition instead of BEFORE. Did the same to me.

And probably the alarm. Keep it on a trickle charger.
Killed a 3 week old shorai battery ($175 gel battery). When I called customer service, the first thing they asked was if I had USB chargers and alarms(I have both). I ended up getting a warranty replacement and paid for the special charger that shorai recommends. My other bike sits for months at a time and fires right up, but it doesn't have an alarm nor a usb charger.