1. Down1Undah

    Low Beam No Power

    Gen 1 2006 I will get straight to the point here with the issue I am having - Low beam I believe is not receiving power The female connection for the bulb pins does not seem to have any power when tested via test light Fuse checked and good, bulb checked and tested, also good High beam also...
  2. childwithabusa

    occasionally bogs from full throttle

    I have a 06 busa with 46k miles I've recently replaced the fuel pump and cleaned the injectors and recent plugs. sometimes when it warmed up it will bog down during acceleration as well as right after I let off it just won't give it any more other times it will hit 10k rpm and completely let off...
  3. Applesauce

    Turn Signal LED Swap

    She purrs and sounds completely different after a full fluid flush, 300v oil, K&N filter (oil & air), new NGK laser cut plugs, T-Rex no-cut racing Sliders, a much needed scrubbing inside and outside the fairings, with some love shown to the "engine bay" as well, and a full LED swap. Only issue...
  4. jayp577

    Electrical Issues. 05 Busa

    I'm usually pretty good chasing electrical issues but this has me stumped. On my '05, the gauges started working intermittently as I was going down the road. Thought connection, but could find nothing loose. Gauges have now totally quit, tail and brake lights no longer work. Checked the fuses...
  5. paul2484

    Gen 2 Battery Problems.

    hi guys I need some advise on my 2015 busa, basically if I leave my bike for a week without starting it the battery fails and I need to purchase a new one. I've just purchased a motobatt which seems to be ok at the moment but that may be that I'm using it every day for work. I have a...
  6. V

    2001 Hayabusa Boggs And Sputters Help!!!!!! Please And Thank You

    My 2001 Hayabusa is having some crazy issues. The bike will idle at about 1600 rpm with no problem. As i start to ride it starts off fine. After about 10-20 minutes, my rpm will drop to barely 1k and the bike will start puttering and bucking as if no fuel. Recently i was riding and it started...