1. Y

    Pro street cut trans questions.

    I have a gen1 busa fully built 550hp etc etc. I smoked the transmission riding on the street. I’m trying to figure out what smoked it. I also recently took off the air shifter and went with normal foot shift for other reasons we won’t get into unless needed. Upon disassembly I found the...
  2. Blizzard920

    What’s the best combo on the Gen 2 on hitting the drag strip it’s bone stock now

    (2011) This bike will only be used for drag racing….I was thinking about starting out with a launch controller ? Brocks side winder exhaust or whatever y’all suggest open for all options .. A tuner or Ecu flash ? , how low to drop the bike ? ? 6-9 inch swingarm ? Do I need to do anything with...
  3. Tofy92

    My Home Brew drag bike build

    Hey guys and Girls, Thank you for taking the time to check out my bike I have been building over the winter. I purchased the bike in June 2020 completely stock with a fresh paint job as it had been wrecked and repaired. my intention was always to turn this into a full on drag bike so was never...
  4. B

    Gen 1 - Recommended Mods For 1st Drag Bike

    Hi I'm sure this has been covered many times, so apologies if so. Can anyone recommend some basic mods to convert a stock Gen 1 into a drag bike? Initially I will focus on getting the chassis right, and learn to get the most out of it, then i will look at more radical engine mods etc. Any...