1. Skywalker

    Ride with My son and Detailed Afterwards

    Out yesterday for a ride and stopped by Loen Gessi NY pizza. Great pizza. Today, full detail of Blusa as we put about 150 miles on them and she was dusty. Had a guy on his Kawi 1400 wave as he was accelerating from the on ramp. The 1400 was my first seeing while out on my bike. Blusa moves...
  2. ' blunt force Busa '

    ' blunt force Busa '

  3. Skywalker

    Moved To My Forever Home & New Garage With Space

    I stated moving on the 19th of Jun and of course first was to setup a bed and then the garage! Ha Spent the day today with new dunlops on the Gen I and Blusa of course got the BST's back just before I moved. Moved from Colorado Springs to Peyton just North East of the springs. Happy to be...
  4. Skywalker

    Bst Carbon Fiber Wheels For Gen Ii

    I'd like to know what the difference is from the 3.5 x 17 w/ABS from the #166487 with no R in description and R's and I see some that are R+. Looks like same description. R = Race? R+? Anyone know? #166487 correct year with ABS w/no "R" Designator at $1460.00 for Front #166500 correct year...