Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

2012 GSX1300R L2 HAYABUSA South Aussie Streetbike Modified / enhanced with better handling the goal .

General Information

Roadtoad's Phatt Busa is equipped with;
Ohlins FGRT208 big piston fork , Ohlins TTX36 SU026 , Ohlins SD030 damper , BST 3.5" x 17" & 6.25" x 17" rims , Agras Carbon front guard , Magical Racing carbon mirrors , carbon fairing & instrument trim panels & carbon chain guard . F.Fabbri screen , Brocks billet top plate & carbon bars , Impact billet kickstand , Gilles rearsets , Brembo RCS 17 brake and RCS16 clutch master cylinders and reservoir kits . Fren Tubo Carbon / Kevlar lines , Titanium front axle , Braketech 330mm Ductile Iron Rotors , Brembo .484 GP4-RX calipers , Brembo P2 billet rear , Galfer semi floating disc , Active caliper hanger , Titanium rear axle , DME aluminum subframe , Shorai battery , BMC race filter , Dyna Jet PC5 & Auto tune (disconnected) , Brocks map , Brocks CT Meg full Titanium and full noise . Superbike Performance ECU flash . APE clutch mod .
The bike features various titanium fasteners throughout . Many of the aftermarket manufacturers components have been refitted with titanium fasteners . Some aluminum fasteners are also used for non load application .
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Latest reviews

Pros: Eye candy 4 days
Cons: Too much 4 even Toad to list
All hail KING TOAD at the head of his class for part selection & attention to detail.
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Pros: Who needs a girlfriend? She could never compete!
Absolutely stunning build.
One day I'd like to see the L2 in person, one day . . .
Cons: Bank balance DESTROYED!!
What a fantastic labour of love this beautiful, cared for machine has evolved into.
The best of the best parts and components fitted, carefully thought about and selected by the Toad.
You are to be commended good Sir!
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Pros: Great setup keeping performance and handling in mind.
Cons: None
This is one amazing ride. I would love to see this bike in person and on a track to really put all those high end components to use. The ohlins preload adjuster mounting bracket looks great and flowed with the rest of the “carbon theme” of the bike. Hope to be like you when I grow up. Lol!

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