Moved To My Forever Home & New Garage With Space


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I stated moving on the 19th of Jun and of course first was to setup a bed and then the garage! Ha Spent the day today with new dunlops on the Gen I and Blusa of course got the BST's back just before I moved. Moved from Colorado Springs to Peyton just North East of the springs. Happy to be here. I'm about 70 percent moved in but really wanted to

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Thanks guys. I hit the ground running here in Colorado in 2002 when I PCS'd from Eielson AFB in Alaska. I didn't stop till I was fully unpacked and all cardboard hauled off. I'm feeling my age and taking my time a bit now. I'm going to ASAP get to prep the sheet rock where some bad tape job was done and holes from previous owner... put some good quality paint on it all and more electrical. Just glad I have a great place tinker now.