1. T

    Gen 2 calipers

    Hello! I just purchased a front end from a 2014 Hayabusa that only has the right front Brembo caliper, and struggling to find a used left side to match. Should I sell the current caliper to go with dual Tokicos, find a compatible left side Brembo from another model, or go with a different setup...
  2. Ratlin’busa

    My 2006

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  3. My 2006

    My 2006

    Lots done to it. ECU flash and Dyno tune by Johnny Cheese. R1 wheel swap. R1 4-pot mono-block radial front caliper and Brembo brake master cylinder. HH pads and stainless lines. Tiger Racing LSR fender, Chain Guard and undertail. 4-8” extensions set to 6”. 16/42 Vortex steel sprockets. EK ZVX3...
  4. ottafish

    RCS Clutch m/c hydraulic switch - I stand corrected.

    To All, I owe an apology and stand corrected. I have had a hydraulic switch in my Brembo clutch m/c for a while and thought it was doing fine. After getting a few random F1 codes and dropping the bike to the shop for some diag work, turns out all the codes thrown are in relation to the clutch...
  5. Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

    Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

    Roadtoad's Phatt Busa is equipped with; Ohlins FGRT208 big piston fork , Ohlins TTX36 SU026 , Ohlins SD030 damper , BST 3.5" x 17" & 6.25" x 17" rims , Agras Carbon front guard , Magical Racing carbon mirrors , carbon fairing & instrument trim panels & carbon chain guard . F.Fabbri screen ...