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    It's Been A Good Time..

    But over the last 2 years I've grown steadily more and more bored with riding on the street. There used to be a regular group of us that hit the twisties pretty often through the riding season, but now all have disappeared to other places and other things. The only sport bikes I see are in the...
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    Just Got An Email From The Org..

    I did donate a coupla times some years back. Wondered about that too when the link just led back to the Org.
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    Just Got An Email From The Org..

    Yeah, mine said the same thing and from the same addy. Starting to look like some sort a mild hack job on the Org.
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    Just Got An Email From The Org..

    No, I didn't enter any information. And the Email is from the Org. I'll PM it to you so you can have a look..
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    Just Got An Email From The Org..

    Saying my "access to the paid subscription "Donating Member" is about to expire". Gives a link ( to go to to "renew my subscription". When I go to the link address it says there's nothing to pay. Is this an error message, or a polite way of kicking me...
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    How many miles do you get on your rear tire?

    I usually get around 4500 on a sport front/sport touring rear. Sport rears last about 3000 miles. Sides go before the middle for me too, and both ends wear pretty much evenly. All brands that I've tried yield the same mileage results. Performance varies widely though.
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    Maximum off road fun today!

    Dirt bikes are a great fun time. I'm in the woods way more these days than I'm on the street. Terrain is a lot different here in the Ozarks than the desert there though. Dunlop D803 trials tires on the rear are common items to deal with the greasy wet slick rock and ledges, and a good set of...
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    Le Mans..

    Marquez on pole, and Dovi managed to wrestle the Ducati onto the front row.. Soup :: Honda's Marquez Takes Pole at Le Mans MotoGP :: 05-18-2013. Thinking Dovi on the front row is a fluke and he will go backwards pretty quick, being as Hayden could only manage 10th spot. Hoping VR can get on...
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    Hector Barbera Arrested..

    From the looks of Hector in the picture, the GF went down swinging.:laugh: Not a smart move on his part at all though, could very well cost him his career. Sponsors can pick and choose who they want their names associated with, and in these days of "pay to ride", if the sponsors back out, he's...
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    Hopefully the live stream of the races works better than the qualifiers did. Was on for about 15 minutes then gone. Sykes is on pole as if that surprises anyone.
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    Race is live streaming at 5:45 EASTERN Sunday (5-12).
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    Hector Barbera Arrested..

    Both Hector and his girlfriend arrested for a domestic uproar in the motel room after the Jerez race. From Valentino Rossi's FB page (going to need a web translator as it's in italian).. MotoGP: Hector Barbera arrestato, ha picchiato la fidanzata. 6 mesi con la condizionale |
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    The fastest circuit on the WSBK calender. Superpole starts at 8:45 EASTERN on Bein.
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    It's On At Jerez..

    Marquez.. The more I see of that kid, the better I like him. Punt Jorge out of the way and take the Championship lead on his third race.:laugh: Then come back and set fast time in the test..
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    Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 synthetic $14, then $9 after rebate at Advance Auto

    OP may have been pointing it out to the truck buyers, but it's used in bike motors more than you would think. Very commonly used in dirt bikes. My 250F is 12.5:1 compression and spins 13,500rpm, as do most all of them (some a bit more even). In motocross use they see this rpm almost constantly...