Raised the rear over the weekend, feels like...

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by SNakez9, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. SNakez9

    SNakez9 Registered

    Hey all,

    Over the weekend I raised the rear of my bike considerably. I like the difference in turning, but now I always feel like im falling forward on the bike, especially when braking. Is there anyway I can raise the front up to match the back better, I already have handlebar risers installed.

    Thanks guys.
  2. TXBusa05LE

    TXBusa05LE Registered

    Raise the rear and now raise the front to match???...put the rear back to normal... [​IMG]
  3. Vic_E55_2001

    Vic_E55_2001 Donating Member

    Unbolt forks and slide them down a bit.
  4. PDBusa

    PDBusa who, me? Donating Member

    You can also save up and have the front sprung to your weight/style by Traxxion Dynamics! [​IMG]
  5. SNakez9

    SNakez9 Registered

    anyone know what all is involved with moving the forks? I have never attempted it before.
  6. SNakez9

    SNakez9 Registered

    Also im not looking to lower the rear again. The reason I raised it was because when I ride doubles the rear tire rubs pretty bad, it actually took off my last undertail [​IMG] So I want to keep the back raised ( We can ride doubles now np) Just not have that "falling forward feeling" .
  7. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    Have you adjusted your suspension for the two-up ridding?

    To raise the front you only need to slide the fork tubes down a little. It's only a few bolts on the yokes. Make sure you have the front of the frame braced so when you losten the tubes the front doesn't sink down from the weight.

    Honestly I would play with your suspension first. You're raising the center of gravity by raising the bike more n more.
  8. Revolution

    Revolution revolution custom paint Donating Member

    sit closer to the tank so your legs hold you up. being closer to the tank will put you in a more vertical position. mine is raised an inch in the rear.
  9. kml

    kml Donating Member

    How heavy are you? Stiffer fork springs are likely the answer. They greatly reduce nose dive during braking.

  10. SpeedAdict

    SpeedAdict Gabe Donating Member

    Did you buy the bikes pre owned? Maybee there was some lowering dogbones on there and you just need to go back to stock, or possibly the rear shock was adjusted to be bottomed out for that "slammed" look. As for the original question you can put bar risers (genmar or otherwise) and Helibars on. Helibars actualy raise the bars and bring them back 1/2 inch I think. I wouldn't slide the forks if it were me, sliding them down at all would put it into that gray area once you bolted it back up. But is you really wanted to do that you need to get it up on a rear stand and a front stem stand take the front fairing and wheel off loosen up 6 bolts slide the forks and tighten to 12 or 20 foot pounds, then just put everything back togther and the front axle is 72 foot pounds. But I think once you got your top clamp off you would see what I mean about gray area. How far did you raise the rear?
  11. SNakez9

    SNakez9 Registered

    Ya those sound like they could help, im not exactly a lightweight [​IMG] I weigh 245 and 6'-2".
  12. SNakez9

    SNakez9 Registered

    Yes, the bike was pre-owned when I purchased it. I already have bar risers installed on it. I believe the rear is raised all the way up (the bike shop did it, im to scared to start monkeying around with suspension stuff myself.)So I will probably take it back to them to get the forks pushed down to raise it up more. Is there any certain "safe" lowering length I should tell them I want it set at...I like a cruising, layed back type of ride..the way it sits now just dosnt feel good to me.
  13. TXBusa05LE

    TXBusa05LE Registered

    Having bar risers does nothing if you have the forks slid up. Get the forks back to OEM position and you're good to go..
  14. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    With your weight and then adding apillion is waaay to much for OE suspension. It's really time to talk to your shop about re-springing the front forks and a stiffer rear spring as well. To be honest, this is something they should have recommended to you without even discussing two-up ridding.
  15. LE'05BUSA

    LE'05BUSA BAMF Donating Member

    You need at minimum a 1.1kg/mm spring rate in the front (Race Tech #FRSP S3825110, though I'd recommend 1.2kg/mm #FRSP S3825120) and a 900lb/in spring in the rear (Eibach).
  16. SNakez9

    SNakez9 Registered

    Ya, my shop dosnt seem to have a good clue at whats going on. The first time I brought the bike to them to get it raised they said the rubbing might have something to do with my "not stock" UFO undertail..unfortunatly I dont have to many options around this are for bike repair.
  17. SpeedAdict

    SpeedAdict Gabe Donating Member

    Sounds like you need to put the stock dogbones back on .  The stock dogbones do not have any adjustment to it. It also sounds like your front might be lowered as well can you take a picture of your dogbones (metal bars connected to your rear shock) and a pic of your top clamp with your bar risers. I bet your problem is your shop really doesn't know what they are doing or doesn't care. If you got a set of stands no better time than the present to start negating your shop.  Also if you tell us where you are from I am sure there is someone on here (myself included) that would love to help you fix your suspension problem.  [​IMG]
  18. Tufbusa

    Tufbusa Track Coach / TufPoodle Coach Registered

    Your aftermarket undertail was your original problem. A stock undertail will not rub the tire when the shock bottoms out. Secondly, if your shock is bottoming out when riding with a passenger, you need a stiffer spring or trade your heavy weight passenger in on a smaller model?
  19. SNakez9

    SNakez9 Registered

    I did end up putting the stock undertail back on after the suggestion, but it did not help, raising it did work tho. I will take some pics when I get home, I live in Indiana...South Bend [​IMG]
  20. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    The ore information that you can provide always helps in the group assiting with any diag help. Also, updateing your loc from USA to Indiana may result in some of a local busa clansmen being able to give you some hands on assitance. You never know...

    Really start looking into springs. No matter how much tweeking you do with the OE stuff you still wont be at a good setup based on your weight alone. The OE springs are inteded for the smaller guys.

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