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    I recently made a several mods to my Busa, one of those mods was removing my Hines pipe and adding an 8" muffler tip to my 4 to 1 header. The Bike sounds awesome!!!!!! not to mention, the bike looks great!!!!I got the idea from a modified Hayabusa at Roaring Toyz during a trip to their shop..(BTW, if you have not been there, you should take the time to go) anyways, I remove the pipe and I am, and have been running straight header. Two bike mechanics said it should be fine,  I tend to run, not religiously, though.  Not sure if any one has done this. I do not currently have a PCIII on the bike , however I am contemplating the idea and having it dyno'd.   Just curious is anyone currently or in the past have done the same modifications, any issues?[​IMG] Or does anyone see an issue with that type of set up?[​IMG]   I attached a pic, to show what it looks like......BTW, this is not my bike in the pic , however very close to it...

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