Info on a gun...INTRATEC, 9mm luger

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by macon454, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    Any one know anything about Intratec, 9mm luger, Model Tec-DC9, anyone know anything about them good or bad a buddy of mine has one for sale with a 50 round clip and a 30 round, he wants $250, What do ya think/ i never had seen one and dont no anything about one of them. any opinions or facts?
  2. apehog

    apehog Registered

    The tec9 resembles a small submachine gun...this was one of the guns that the Clinton people singled out as "evil" in terms of what they used as poster children during the '94 "assault weapon" ban.

    If I was in the market for a 9mm, the tec9 wouldn't be one of my choices.
  3. ibified

    ibified Registered

    Not something I would buy. A cheaply made weapon designed only to kill a bunch of people before breaking.
  4. CTA_Busa_LE

    CTA_Busa_LE Donating Member

    Great price if it is in decent shape. It's not something I would normally buy but if you don't take it and he wants to part with it for that price I'll buy it.

    It's more of a toy gun for playing on the range etc, doesn't have much use unless you want to spray a whole lot of ammo fast.
  5. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    Thanks for the info, so that is a good price if it is in decent shape? it seems like it is, and yea i was just wanting it to plink around here on the farm with. Thanks again
  6. CTA_Busa_LE

    CTA_Busa_LE Donating Member

    If it's in decent shape you could probably turn a profit on it if you wished to do so. Not to mention with the current admin and talk of bans it will only fuel the market for them.

    Here's one on Gunbroker right now, keep in mind it's a new gun with no bids

    Intratec MOD: TEC-DC9 Semi Auto Pistol - NR : Semi-auto at

    And here's a used one with bids
    INTRATEC TEC-9 : Semi-auto at

    You can search from there to get an idea.

    So yeah, I personally would jump on it as long as it functions and hasn't been severely abused. :thumbsup:
  7. street racer

    street racer Donating Member

    3 years ago a friend of mine had this gun but in a 22 caliber. It jammed on him so much that he sold it. Any chance you could run a box of ammo through it before you bought it ?
  8. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    Yea we shot 80 rounds threw it today without a problem, that is what got me to thinking about buying it because it was just fun to shoot and no problems, but after we get back from texas mile i will get it and shoot it some more, and probaly go ahead and get it if no problems.
  9. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    Thank you for the links :thumbsup: Will shoot it some more and if no problems will buy it.
  10. CTA_Busa_LE

    CTA_Busa_LE Donating Member

    always have to take into account what is causing the misfeeds. The #1 cause is usually the magazine. Not saying it's a high tech gun by any stretch of the imagination but most of them I have seen will function as they should.
  11. CTA_Busa_LE

    CTA_Busa_LE Donating Member

    I don't think you will go wrong in buying it. Guns such as it will only increase in value as long as the liberals keep talking bans on them. Even if they do a ban like the Clinton assault weapon ban you will still be able to own it and sell it so I wouldn't worry about that either.

    Good example is an SKS I had my dealer stick back for me, could've bought it 10 years ago for under $100, it will now cost me $300. Granted it's one of the nicer ones I've ever seen but still hard to swallow when you remember the older prices on them.
  12. Flicka

    Flicka Professional Booga Flicka Moderator

    They've been known as a popular gun for the gang bangers for a long time. It's definitely not a very practical weapon, but I think it'd be an interesting addition to a collection, if it's in good shape. For $250 I'd say jump on it, again, if it's in good shape.
  13. Big Red

    Big Red Donating Member

    They are junk!
  14. Big Red

    Big Red Donating Member

    Yeah I had two Tec-22 "machine pistols". Both were very unreliable and finikey about ammo. However,When I was lucky enough to get the fri--ing thing to feed it was a real hoot. I put a laser on it and would pull the trigger as quickly as possible and get 24 rounds in the bulls eye and one stray on the next ring every time. Had it been reliable, it would have made a formidible defence weapon.
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  15. Revlis

    Revlis Re-Recycled, Busa-Less... Donating Member

    Everything I've read or heard has been pretty negative. I cannot think of a single good reason to own one.

    There are some things a person shouldn't buy based on a low price. One of these is firearms.
  16. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    I have got a henry survival rifle 22 that is like that, pure peace of junk, fun for a couple of weeks when it was new but after about 500 rounds it went down hill and has never been worth a flip since, no matter how good the ammo.
  17. MPH 200

    MPH 200 Donating Member

    I have one I bought new a long time ago. It is fun to shoot, but I wouldn't want my life to depend on it. Never had a jam. I have a screw on barrel extension - (looks like a supressor), sling, & multiple clips.
  18. bowwow

    bowwow Registered

    I have one with the 30 round clip. The only time I have had a problem with it "jamming", was with cheap bullets. If I run name brand ammo, no problems.

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