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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by captain, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    Friends, In the 11 years we have had this site I don't think I have ever really asked for a personal request from the forum for anything material. We have asked for your prayers and good wishes on many occasions but I have a need tonight....

    Here is a thread that I started just about 9 years ago http://www.hayabusa.org/forum/random-thoughts/3429-away-board.html

    Here is where I ask you all for a favor, a little time and maybe a few cents..

    My neice is very limited in her mobility and she stays home 90% of the time because she is in an electric wheelchair and she has to have someone else control it because of her injuries. She can't talk but knows sign language, her movement is very slow so it takes some time for her to spell out or let us know what she needs. She is normally in a wheel chair or in her hospital bed. My sister gives her physical therapy every day and she is healthy but very broken... Mentally Lindsay is as smart as ever, she remembers everything from her childhood except about 3 months before the accident and the time she was in the hospital and in a COMA. She goes to church all the time, every time the doors are open it's good for her soul and it get's her around people that love and care for her.

    Tonight my sister posted on Facebook that Lindsay was very upset and sad today because she said no one knows her and she has been forgotten. While all of her friends have grown up and moved on to college and marriage she still sits at home never really replacing those friends with new ones... It's hard to make friends at home in a wheelchair.

    I ask you all, please take a few minutes and help me make a very special young lady feel like she has people that remember her. I ask you to send a note or a card to her... Let her know that you are out there and you will think of her often, let her know that you know her uncle Doug and that he loves her very much..... Just a quick note on a piece of paper to a young lady who in a split second had her life rearranged..... A stamp and a note is all I ask of you, please help me with this....

    Here is an address that you can send a letter to...

    Lindsay Rogers
    PO box 162
    Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065

    I know it seems insignificant but to a young lady that has no real outside contact.... This could be a huge event for her.......

    My goal is to flood her with love and kindness.....


  2. sixpack577

    sixpack577 Top Gun Registered

    Done!:thumbsup:and gladly!
  3. Dan

    Dan Married to HRH Grammy Donating Member Registered

    We'll get a card out tomorrow!
  4. BigBadDodge

    BigBadDodge Registered

    Your a good man cap ::6 I'll have one on the way tomorrow
  5. cheferman65

    cheferman65 Registered

    Done! with pride pleasure and unconditional love!
  6. mrsBusawhipped

    mrsBusawhipped No training wheels? Donating Member Registered

    She is a very lucky young lady to have such a loving family! Card will be sent tomorrow!!
  7. lil charlie

    lil charlie Registered

    Im on it.

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  8. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Consider one on the way. Better go rent a storage space to keep all the org cards at :laugh:

    Does she have an email?
  9. 1ibandit

    1ibandit Registered

    My Kids would love to do this. They have pen pals all summer long.

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  10. semi

    semi Whoooosh! Moderator

    you got it! consider it done ::4
  11. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator

    Will get it done!
  12. warp10

    warp10 Donating Member Registered

    will be sending some out also :thumbsup:

    What would be great is if about 30-60 people were to send a couple of cards a month, this way she would be getting a card or 2 every day :cheerleader:
  13. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    mrsBW will handle the paper card. I don't get away that much, so I started filling her FB inbox.
  14. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    Man a crayon and a piece of paper can change a life! Lindsay doesn't have a lot to do at home, she watches a lot of TV and we try to play games with her but we can't be there all the time... Because of her physical problems (she has paralysis on her left side and she has a traumatic brain injury) she doesn't move very fast... opening a card could take her a few minutes to open it and then another few minutes to read it.... It would be something for her to do as well as give her something to look forward to and be happy about...

    thank you all...

  15. motochris

    motochris The artist formerly known as Chris75181 Registered

    With a quickness...BUSA quickness!

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  16. kromdom

    kromdom wannabe HOON Donating Member

    DONE...with great pleasure and honor. ::6
  17. fast08busa

    fast08busa Professional Pilot kinda sorta Registered

    She will get one from me, and my kids. Consider this done

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  18. mr8ball

    mr8ball Registered

    I will pick up one tomorrow Cap and send it. You are a great man for doing this for her. I will say a prayer for her also.
  19. 05 Busa LE

    05 Busa LE Donating Member

    Doug, it broke my heart to read your post, and I think it's a wonderful thing you are doing for her. I pray that her spirit is lifted.
  20. Gpmo

    Gpmo Registered

    I'm in. I will pick something up tonight or tomorrow and get it sent out.

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