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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OB_Frank, May 22, 1999.

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    If indeed the Hayabusa is losing its rod bearings, check your oil level in a given spot when it has sit for 12 hrs(min.) Then go for a good flight and when you get back, recheck your oil level in the same spot. If the oil level is higher by more an 1/8 of an inch, then the balancer is most likely whipping up the oil and causing air to mix in with it. (the balancer is spinning at twice crank speed) This will under certain condtions probably cause bearing to crank mating. To solve/minimize this possible problem, one can remove the balancer. If this is not an option(warranty etc.), make sure your levels are exact and that the oil you are using have very high anti-foaming qualities. and of correct weight. Also is it a Motorcycle oil. I can hear the debate over oil already, but the main difference between engine and motorcycle oil is its additive packages. But I don't want to get into a disscussion on oil types.
    I removed the balancer out of my 92 Zx-11 three years ago after 25,000 miles. The first thing I noticed was the oil level no longer increased between 1/4" - 5/8" after running it as little as 5 min. It would take anywhere from 12-24 hrs for the oil level to return to "normal".
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    okay I checked at lunch too, I have bubbles but my oil level is not higher ? It seems to be about the same level with a layer of air bubbles on top.

    Would this be the same problem as you mentioned about the balancer airating the oil ?

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    Hmm very interesting. Ill check on my busa and see if its true. And I am glad I got even one more reason for removing those big ugly shafts.
    If I wanted a Gold wing I would have bought one. I want my engine to buzz and feel alive. And now I got a reason for it. Thanks Frank. And by the way, your homepage doesnt work. I guess its because u dont have your ZX11 anymore hehehe.
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    i just got my bus reading some of the notes on this board.are these motors no suzuki checking this out.are there any recalls yet.ive got 270miles so far.should i worry.any help.
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    Ah here it is !! I thought I read this post some where. When you removed the balancer did it cause you any problems ?

    I have suzuki oil as recommended but its still foaming up :( I will check it again when I go out for lunch here in about 30min.
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    speed, you have to check the oil level in the morning, than again after a good ride. if the level is found to be higher, than indeed it is getting more than normal amounts of air in it. I haven't seen the engine layout as for where the balancer is and if it is close to a pick-up-etc. It will/can take up to 24 hours for the air to get out of the oil.
    As for my Zx-11, yes I still have it and I also have a 12 on order. As much as I would like to own the Hayabusa, funds are limited, and my blood does run green. As for my homepage, here is the address again, But the site where I have the info is for some unknown reason down.
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    Hey Frank, when I try to access any of your pages below the Index page I get an "Access Forbidden By Server" error message.
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    the server for what ever reason is down. The pages are over in the Netherlands. (Zx-11-Zzr-1100 worldwide home page) Will inform when back up!

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