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  1. BenWoj42

    BenWoj42 Registered

    Generaly when searching for a new used bike, Im always looking at the mileage to make sure its nothing crazy. At most i'll purchase a bike with 4k miles if that. Like many others I tend to stay away from any bike thats even close to 10k miles and would probebly pay half of what kbb says because of it.

    The one thing I've noticed though is there are a lot of busa's with 10k + miles selling and also selling for close to new prices. Why is this? Didn't know if I was missing something.
  2. BA BUSA

    BA BUSA MotoGP Wannabe Donating Member


    We have guys here that put on 20,000-30,000+ miles a YEAR on our Busa's :thumbsup:

    I know of a few guys that have over 100,000 miles on their bikes ::4
  3. BA BUSA

    BA BUSA MotoGP Wannabe Donating Member

    The first TWO WEEKS...when I bought my brand new 2008...I put 5,130 miles on her :whistle:
  4. Dr E

    Dr E Donating Member

    Motors are solid and unless someone has beat the living piss out of a bike, a 10K + mileage bike is still a solid running bike with a LOT OF MILES left on her. The motors are almost bullet proof.

    Most folks don't live in places where they are able to ride year round and you will find that a good average mileage number is about 2K per year...thing with Busa's they will you in to riding them more and more. I have purchased bikes in the past with 30K on them and run them for several years and sold them off still in great shape.

    Go with what your comfortable with but don't shy away because of miles.
  5. kennym4

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    How do you know that the bike you buy with 4,000 miles wasn't put on a 1/4 mile at a time ?

    I think these bikes were made to ride. If I saw one that was a few years old & was under 10K I'd be suspect, jmo.
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  6. Dr E

    Dr E Donating Member

    Hum? 16000 runs at a track... that's a solid motor!
  7. LeDauz

    LeDauz Registered

    would pay half kbb for more than 10k miles? dang those liter bikes sure do go bad fast. I would say only shy away from a busa if it gots 40 or 50k miles and even then its probly been redone a little or alot and will run like a camp for another 50k or so
  8. Fastfrog007

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    Busa motors are more like car motors than bike motors, no need to rev the crap out of em to get things done, Ive got 18k on my 06 an still runs fine. :whistle:
  9. Scar

    Scar Seasoned Pilot Donating Member

    Additionally, noteworthy demographics for the 'busa pilot lean toward the more mature, financially 'able,' which typically would lend itself to those who take responsible care of their toys.

    Good luck!
  10. Copperone

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    There are at least a couple of folks here with over 100,000 miles on their Busas...
  11. theshnizzle

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    I bought my busa in Nov. of 08 with 30,000 k and started riding it March 09 and I have almost 67,000 kilometers on it, since March this year. So.....that means I have put on close to 40,000 k this season.

    But I am selling it and buying one with 17,000 k on it.
  12. Dennis The Menace

    Dennis The Menace Donating Member

    Buying any sport bike and thinking it hasn't been riden hard is a little unrealistic. Sure a bike could be riden easy most of the time. But every bike gets wailed on. Thats what they are made for. Biggest thing for me is finding a bike where the owner actually knows the last time the oil/coolant/plugs were changed. If the bike is clean, chain lubed, nothing loose. If any of these things are in question, or looks neglected, then chances are the bike overall has been, and walk away. High mileage is no indication of life expectance. Like some one else said. Could have been put on a 1/4 mile at a time.
  13. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    I bought an '06 and put 36K on it in a little over a year. These bikes are still basically new at 10K.
  14. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    I have 65,000 miles on mine and still run the crap out of it on the track. No problems, engine and transmission have never been apart. Good luck finding anyone willing to sell a Busa for 1/2 KBB.
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  15. tclause

    tclause Registered

    Half KBB :rofl:::25
  16. carlsbadbusa

    carlsbadbusa BANNED BY MC MUSTANG Donating Member

  17. BenWoj42

    BenWoj42 Registered

    Thanks for the replies. Although Im not knocking anyone for having so many miles, you can take the evidence of what I said and look around. Noone will touch a liter bike close to 10k miles unless they are going to sell it for $3000.
    Looks like its mainly the busa crowed that doesn't have a problem with the high miled sport bikes, which is a good thing when I wanna sell one. :laugh:

    Just thought I'd ask

  18. theskaz

    theskaz I am all that is BACON! Donating Member

    i have had mine for 6 months and have 17k on it.... and thats with a get-off.
  19. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator Donating Member

    I have just over 11k on mine, and its not going anywhere. Busa's hold their value very well.
  20. EarlyBird

    EarlyBird Donating Member

    I got a 02 1k with 28k on it and runs like a top! Its a matter of how the bike is cared for!

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