How will this work on my 07 Busa.

Yoshimura RS-3 Duplex Race Full Exhaust System - Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa

Equal length header tubes in a 4-into-2-into-1 design. Tapered header pipes, 2-piece quick-release spigots, and hand-built collector are some of the design features of our �Top-of-the-Line� Race Exhaust System. Some systems feature two small Titanium Duplex� Canisters attached to the header which offer maximum throttle response when exiting a corner under race conditions. An aluminum muffler hanger bracket is supplied to replace the standard rear passenger foot rest bracket on high exit systems.


Exotic, ultra lightweight Mig-welded tapered head pipe construction.
Yoshimura DPS Stainless Steel Canister.
Standard canister is polished stainless steel.
Optional canisters: Titanium and Carbon Fiber.
Straight through unrestricted baffle design for optimum performance.
RS-5 and Cone End Caps are available where noted.


Looked at that one myself and then decided to go with the Yoshi TRS series from sponsor HPC. Check them out same performance characteristics great price.

Dr E

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I run the RS3 on my GSXR 750 Track bike but the TRC on the busa...go with the TRC you will not regret it!
i have the yosh full system carbon can on my black 07 busa. looks great, sounds great, i i got it used for a great deal but, one day i will get rid of it and replace it with a brock's system or something similiar that makes more power

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