WWJD's New Paint Job!!


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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Figured that girlie Silver and Grey needed to Man up a bit...

:eek: Kidding Kidding.... Here's what I came up with...


You know? I kind of like it?! Now, if only the color would be that vibrant!

Keith...you need a forum here where we can submit pics of our bikes with ideas for colors/mods, and you fix them up so we can see before we buy!

Revlis' Presto-Chango Forum! Viola, here's what you're bike will look like if you do this... :cool:
Or the Royal Busa Perhaps...

WWJD, anyone else with a Silver and grey 03, give me a yell, I'll switch it around for you....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! That blue one is just to GAY!! No thanks. I'm already thin, single and neat... HA
What about Yamaha R1 blues, Honda Red or Kaw Greens??
My poor bike... she feels all violated now
eeeewww! the soft polite colors are just "Oh excuse me, excuse me" too polite! How about some colors that just jump right up and say "Move outta da way!" ?
Okay Rev...pic some colors for my bike! I won't be painting Caesar any time soon, but I need some ideas to aspire to...nothing gay, and nothing pink...although that one bike that BulletTrain posted of "Candy" and her pink bike wasn't too bad...the gal that was pushing Micron exhaust? That pink wasn't too bad...but, I'm really not a "pink" kind of gal...

I wasn't kidding about my idea up there...I think you should have your own forum to doctor up pics of bikes so we can decide what we like! Can't hide PhotoShop talent like that! :)
Sure Thing VA, Gimmie some time today, this afternoon I should have a couple interesting ones just for you...

WWJD's poor Busa, she's turning into a real Board uh...well Call Girl anyway!!!
Whorabusa:  Hey there, sailor!  Like my rear?  Wanna good ride?

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actually I think that on the polite Busa peeps will just get politely out of your way. I mean if someone is riding those colors you might not want to mess with them......

I would ride it...heck they wouldn't be looking at the colors for long anyway.........

<span style='color:blue'></span>Hey Rev, how about blue and gold bike...Lapis blue

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OK But First VA's Custom Busa's...OK Now I know you said no girlie pink but I thought what the hell, pretty lady on a Pink bike would be kinda...well...cool... So one kinda cool, one cause I am warped...

Kinda cool?