WTH,,, I cant remove this Photobucket crap


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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Why can i not remove this Photobucket from my Signature line????


log out after that... delete your cookies on ure computer and also delete temporary internet files and HISTORY.. restart computer


also.. under ure CONTROL PANEL on ure PC... u MIGHT have a listing entited... user accounts.... check ure settings out on ure computer... but go to control panel and delete ure cookies/temp internet and history..... restart... always restart..


check out ure web credentials though... because high tech comp criminals can snoop on people.. but it WILL SHOW UP here..... lots of info there... and use ure right click button for more info on anything u don't recognize.... ie very recent additions.... these hackers are clever but not 100 efficient if u know what to look for.
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