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Its been an awesome summer here in North Cali. woke up this a.m. to see this wet stuff fallin fron the sky... huh? I allmost forgot what it was like comin from Hilo ( the rainst city in the U.S. avg 160+ inches ) wher it rains at lest several days a week. and the temp was 90 d. on monday, now its about 45.
And I was gonna ride today! awwwwwwwwwwe!

Cant believe some of you actually gotta store the Busa till spring. I would have withdrawls.

uh oh, my tan! My God whats happened to my tan! :eek:

Have a nice winter gang. :)
Yeh, I can see a tough winter coming up. I'll tune into the board and hear all these fair weather guys talking about their rides, while I trudge through the snow. Well, I guess if nothing else it will be a good time to deal with those bigger mods that take the busa down for extended periods. Sigh.
rain rain rain ... not too much cold, but very wet around here... I hope this won't keep me away from the Busa!
soon it will look like this here for about 6 months..... nuts!!!

Friday late afternoon it thundered + rain + hail. Local golf course was white & made the news. 40 d. fri night at 8 pm. yeeeooow!
A new Pacific Northwest product idea for the Busa, Skis and snow tires! Oops they already have that, a snowmobile. How about a snowmobile with a Busa engine then!
I would go into withdrawl, that is why I ship it to FL. now during the winter. Most of the time it is with out me though. :sad:
The high was 44 here today with rain scattered. Was going to get up and ride the bike to the shop this morning and changed my mind. There were a couple of people braving the elements though. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow, but with rain through Tuesday and after that back down in the 40s. Just about time to start the mods!
It was terrible here too! Yesterday it dropped into the 60's!!!


Back into the 80's today though. Thank goodness.
My deepest regrets all y'all living in unhuman climates. Heck, it breaks my heart to not ride when I just wash the bike or change the oil.  :)  The real hardship is when going out for an evening ride, I have to cruise at or near the beach since the further inland you go, the more insects you eat. :drool: