Winner of "Best in Show" at Rice-O-Rama 2013

gsquid NY

Rice-O-Rama is a bike show/swap meet held in Oxford MA for the last 7 years. Its for vintage and custom Japanese bikes.
I entered My Turbo Busa in Custom bike class and my CB750 in the cafe racer class. The Busa won "Best in Show and the Honda won runner up in Cafe



Here is my Cafe Racer



Nice bikes. Congrats.

Are you connected to either girl?

LOL! same girl on both bikes. That's my little friend Alesia. I met her 13 years ago at the tract in Loudon NH. I was coming off the track and she was lying on a chases lounger wearing a bright green bikini. I almost crashed into another racer. I just had to introduce myself. Glad I did.
I love the color combo on the Busa man...that is sharp. And I am not even talking about your friend!!! She is fine ass hell too though!!
The last pic was my favourite.Just seemed more fun,more natural,less "posed".I like the water mist in the air too.

Thats right guy's there is photographic art in those pics.

Cool bikes,cool photo's.


Both bikes are excellent ! I am suprised your cafe entry wasn't the 1st place winner. I use to own a brand new 750 honda in 1971... it was an awesome ride at the time. I wonder what the 1st place cafe winner looks like?

The babe is awesome... great muscle tone... and it appears she knows how to ride from the action shot you posted. I like her attitude for modeling... it comes through... she is a pro! :-)