Who's ride is this Beast....



forgot this:
Vehicle Description

The bike has been completely gone through. It has a Velocity Racing turbo (Velocity did the entire engine), extended trac arm, 200 tire, PM wheels, air shifter, two step, shift light, tether kill, full gauges, two stage boost (computer control) with power commander piggy back, Ohlins shocks and much more. Very much time and care went into the bike. I also have a extended drag tail painted to match the bike. The bike is set now at 410 H.P. but is capable of well over 500. The bike is very streetable. It has NOT been run at the track. Please serious inquiries Only. This bike is not for beginners.

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Wonder if its a fake
.....Just saw the "buy it now" price & teh "Contact Seller" before you bid crap.
.....I hope it's not cause that ride is really well done & it's cheap.
will keep ya posted

The buy now price is $4,350 USD! Who the hell puts USD on the forsale add at the end? Not only that but $4,350 couldn't even buy the Turbo kit that's on it, let a lone the rest of the bike coming with it.

They need to kick peoples asses that are doing this Sh*t!
I sent the prick an email. asking him If I could come pay and pick up. what a butt nugget.

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smells fishy....I dunno about the butt nugget part, but yeah, smells fishy.
yeah....I love to celebrate my post with "butt nuggets". LOL! Here...let me pass some out.

Here's one for you...and one for you....and here's one for you, little one....and another for you, sir....
i'm not being ficticious but that looks just like the one i saw down in St. Augustine a couple of months ago... HMMMM it was a bad ass mofo bike made my 40th ann. look like a matchbox model