Who keeps pipes stock and why?


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Except for an alarm, my Busa will remain bone stock.

Three reasons:

1.) I plan on keeping the bike forever, so many years from now it has to be an original.

2.) I ride with a lot of folks with pipes, none seem to have gotten the map perfect, you can see the black soot and smell the CO. If I did not do the tuning myself, I would always wonder if it is exactly right. Currently I get around 50mph with a nice white carbon stain leaving the stock pipes, showing that the bike runs perfect. Changing pipes, getting the stuff to flash the ECU, doing data logging just seems like a lot of work.

3.) This Busa has more power and handling than I can ever use on the street, why bother for saving a few pounds and gaining only a few hp's.?


i changed my pipes because i think the stockers are butt ass ugly. nothing i own is 100% original why should my bike be?

05 Busa LE

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I bought Yosh CF cans and left in the baffles. Gives the bike a nice, mellow sound, and you can ride all day without getting a headache. Plus, if you leave in the baffles, you don't need to change the air filter or reprogram the ECU.


Stock for me at the mo cos changing them is turning out to be a nightmare with the insurance. Only want to change em to give the Busa the sound she deserves


Dis in my way!
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I have the stockers.... While I really like the sounds of other bikes out there and I think after market exhaust looks better I just can't justify spending that much money for the sound or just for the look... I think my problem is having to choose what I am going to spend money on.... The bike will get me zero to jail faster than I can deal with, and being quiet keeps from drawing attention too...

Good thread..


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I put slip ons for the sound. Had no issues with mpg or performance + or - :laugh:

I agree with you though a lot hassle when you just add the pipe and have to get it tuned and dyno and flash for just a full exhaust. I can also understand that the quiet sound of the stockers makes listening to music or just enjoy the road and ride more.

But I love my slip ons :laugh::laugh:


CO is odorless. You can smell unburned hydrocarbons, though.

I bought my '07 Busa brand new with a Boz Bros full exhaust, single side megaphone outlet. Dealer said the stock pipes were damaged in shipping and they had to put something on it. I've gotten 50 mpg with the aftermarket pipes. I'd probably have left the stock pipes on if it had been an option, but I really like the clean look that I have.


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Full titanium exhaust, ecu flashed, dyno tuned, it is quiet, lost 35 lbs. of butt a$$ ugly weight, deep mellow tone, runs like a dream ect... Suzuki puts a map in the ecu for all conditions (generic map). If you get your bike properly tuned it will make a huge improvement on the way it preforms. No black smoke comes from my bike running too rich! My bike now runs like it is supposed to!


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I left my stockers on because of the stealth affect. Doesn't p**s off the folks along the roads I ride on (at usuallly highly illegal speeds). Plus wasn't going to spend the $$ for aftermarket ones.
But.. that has all changed now. Stockers are bent, everything on Ebay costs a fortune, or looks almost as bad as mine do, and still are going for $200+ a pair. So, going to spend the $$, and get a pair of slip-ons for the rebuild.


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Had to loose the stock pipes.

Too big, I wanted to clean up the rear end.

and I wanted a little more rumble.






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I like the quiet. The bike has more than enough power to get me in trouble without hurting my ears after a 30 minute ride. Stealth factor also +1


I'm running modded stockers. Just had to add a little tone to it, but couln'd see spending the hundreds of dollars for sound.


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I dig the looks when there cut down and the bike has enough power for me to handle.
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just had to get some different pipes on her and make her heard from a mile away:laugh:, but i still have the stock cans. you never know when you might need them.


Stayed stock
1)$ - Guns & ammo fund, more bikes.
2) Stealth, don't like to attract unwanted attention - fair weather driver.
3) Mod averse, knee bone connected to the leg bone... I have enough trouble getting the oil filter out now. The machine is an integated and highly engineered product. Back pressure is good. And one change leads to another, all have their trade offs.
4) Stock sells best, nobody seemingly gets their money out of the aftermarket systems.
5) I like the looks, everyone else mods, mine becomes different the easy way.
6) I can always change my pipes if I rash up the stockers. :whistle:


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Yosh r-77 full system here. Bike is still plenty quiet with the baffle in. Still gets the same gas mileage it did before the switch.

I agree the bike in stock form is more than enough to get one into trouble. I just hated the size and shape of the huge stock cannisters, and by replacing the system, I shed 35 lbs - good for better acceleration, better deceleration, and a noticeable improvement in maneuverability.

One could make the argument that replacing the stock exhaust system has the potential to enhance safety a small amount.

That's one of the great things about this bike though, there are so many different things one can do, or not do, to find the perfect fit.


-love the sound of my AH.
-ever since the AH install, cagers know am there. If they forget, and start drifting into my lane cos they too busy texting, no need for the horn, a litte rev reminds them.
-i have my stock pipes handy if i ever need to return the bike to stock. who's interested in a full AH?:whistle:

-sucks for the neighbours when i come home at 2,3am in the morning tho:poke:
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