Who is taking a long trip this summer?


Anyone planning to take a long ride this summer? Cross country or cross continent? I mave a mess of cats and a 16-year-old dog at home -- all rescue critters -- so even getting away for a few days is almost impossible. I'll have to live vicariously through those of you riding around the USA, Europe, Australia and etc...


Headed to Tenn in about a month. Long way home thru Myrtle Beach, Va Beach and Stanton Va. Gonna be sweet. Not takin the Busa tho. Taklin the 109


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i planned on going to the arizona moon landing memorial. heard they were going to need to take some new footage and needed some "extras" :whistle:


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Hey Tom, I'm a day-tripper myself. Like I said via PM, we'll be hooking up with ya this season, for sure. Fun times ahead for us older (wiser) dudes, eh? :laugh:



Don't know about wiser. I'll be in a cubicle til I have enough years to retire. That'll be when I'm 72...

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Going through the New England area in the next month. Hoping to maybe make it into Nova Scotia or if weather permits, New Foundland.


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Going through the New England area in the next month. Hoping to maybe make it into Nova Scotia or if weather permits, New Foundland.
If ta go up I81 you'll run right by me, lemme know if ya pass through. :thumbsup:

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Heading to the Land Between the Lakes in KY in June, but I'll be taking the Honda so I can spread out and haul all my junk. Then to Maggie Valley/Deals Gap in July for a get-together (again, I think I'm riding the Honda since mama is going, but I may send the Bus with a buddy on his trailer so I can at least get a sticker on the thing).

Most of my trips end up just happening with little planning. These are the long-ish planned ones since other folks are involved, lol.

EDIT - Oh yeah... I wanna try to get down to Shady Valley, TN, one weekend soon and check out that stretch of 421 over to Mountain City.


Maggie Valley. The best you-never-heard-of-him flatpicker -- Zane Fairchild -- is from Maggie's Valley. So was Popcorn, may he rest in peace...


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Maggie Valley. The best you-never-heard-of-him flatpicker -- Zane Fairchild -- is from Maggie's Valley. So was Popcorn, may he rest in peace...
Popcorn was bound and determined not to go back to the penitentiary wasn't he....


I'm riding Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah this summer.

If anyone finds themselves in Northern Colorado let me know and i would be happy to ride along with ya for a bit and or get some grub or brews.


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Hoping this year to be able to make the Busa Stampede in Reno, not 100% sure going to be able to make it yet but trying real hard. Coming from Alberta, Canada rolling through Montana, Idaho then onto Reno going down and Oregon, Washington, Britsh Columbia and then back to home to Alberta. Roughly 3000 miles, and taking 3 days each way plus riding and 6 Days in Reno in the middle.


I'm loosely planning a trip from Ontario into the NE US, maybe Maine. Did Quebec/ New Brunswick/ Nova Scotia last year, it was a great trip:thumbsup:


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Longest will be 4 days over Labor Day. 3 kids makes it hard to be away long.

Though combined total ride days for 2011 will be 30 days on the road. A whole month! :thumbsup:
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