WHO has the fastest 1/4 mile Busa?


WHO on the forum has the quickest 1/8th mile ET? 1/4 mile ET? How about the fastest trap speed? How many of you will be honest about it? :super: The slower guys will probably fudge numbers to make them faster, however, the faster guys will fudge them to make them slower. So lets see some times. I'll be posting mine tomorrow night after test and tune is over. And I'll be HONEST. :cool: Let's see your best.
They won't admit it but several in the 8's and a couple even in the 7's! :eek: I don't know if they post on here though?

Now if I can just get in the low 9's! :sad:

Josh :cool:

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only an 1/8th mile strip here in Okinawa. I am going to hit it sometime soon and I'll give ya some #'s. THey will begin with 11 sumthin prolly.
There is no 1/4 mile around here so the 1/8t is what I usually get to run. Last pass was a 6.87 @ 108. Stock Busa lowered. I've been having trouble hitting 2nd gear. I figure when I do I'll get back into some 6.60's maybe 6.50's. We'll see and I'll keep you posted.
11.3 @ 130 mph on my very first time.

And I got slower from there! :tounge: