Where's Kerberos

he posted here about 2 weeks ago, and I got an email from him about 1 week ago. dunno... too busy for us busa gods I guess...
I sent him an email today, will see if he responds.

Kerberos!!!! You better show up at high noon or else!!!!!!!!!
he probably 4099ed, 3425ed, or whatever number that was to the wrong person!


No!! I was just playing man, I swear.. put the nitestick up!!.. no really.. don't.. no.. ARGHHHH

You mean sumtin like that...
in an email reply from kerbie:

hey man, just working alot. lurking I guess.
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To: kerberos@theriver.com
Subject: wasssaaaappp??

Whats goin on man? Havent heard from you in a while. So what you doin lately?

So, he is just too busy to hang with us. Hope he's not too kool for us now.......