Where can I get a Extended/Adj Swingarm?


I have been to Trac Dynamics' website and saw the ones there and that is what I want but there is no price. I just wanted to know if anyone knew a dealer or anyone else who sells them. Thanks
Thanks for the info, but I really need one to buy outright, not really extend mine. Although I think I may have to go that route.
I currently sell the bolt on swingarm extensions for most bikes on my website. Since you are a member of hayabusa.org I will get you free shipping with your order...
But then you have to email me the order. I accpet any form of payments visa mc amex discover and also paypal....
t keep cost down paypal is not preferrred....
anyway you can see all of them and the options at
www.clearwaterbiker.com or go to www.clearwaterbikershop.com
I can also send you pictures of my busa or go to project busa on my website and see the extensions.
They are great since you can put them on and when you are done on the track or if you are bored and want to take them of there is only a 20 minute job...
Ride This:blush:
hello, ride this, i believe i got mine from you off of ebay about a month ago. they are 2-7in over extensions. i love being able to change the setup for when i ride and race. thanks