When did the Busa become unsafe?

fillmore nyc

I hear that all the time.Every one says Im nutz for getting such a large cc bike.
(Any guitar players here will understand this)--To me, riding a 'Bus is like playing a 100 seat gig with a Marshall Major full stack: that bad boy is only gonna do what you tell it to do.
Set it on "3", and its a docile machine, content to grumble along, not really ruffling any feathers.
Whack 'er up to "10", and loud, "manly" sorta s**t starts happening that wasn't happening a minute ago when it was on "3".
IMO, the 'Busa is a grocery-getter IF you have restraint. Get anxious with the right wrist though...
Well we all know what happens then.


Most of the people with these "bad" comments have probably never even sat on a Busa, let alone rode one. And I agree 99% of the time ANY motorcycle is as safe as the rider is willing to be (1% of the time the rider may not see the cager coming from behind, or be blind sided).

They do not make ANY SLOW motorcycles, they are all very quick and very fast. It just so happens that a few are quicker and faster than just the ordinary quick and fast.

Besides all of this; does anybody know the difference between:

a. a 600cc doing 100MPH into a wall/bus

b. a 1300cc doing 100MPH into a wall/bus

I would venture to say that you could only do this trick one time and only on one bike.
I doubt anyone could do this trick once on each bike and tell us which is better for driving into the wall/bus.

Here is for riding maturely (most of the time)
and here is for enjoying life (some of the time)

And I truly believe that the machine itself cannot hurt a living, breathing thing, if the Busa were left untouched by human hands it would eventually fall apart and rot. But when human hands are involved, millions of people could get hurt or get killed.


I agree with you all. My first bike was a 600rr. The things that I used to do on it were way worse then what I do on my 'busa. It is all up to the rider, his self control, awareness, and his ability to ride!!!

head east busa

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True that my old cbr600 took a beating at the hands of young ignorant use :whistle:( All my own ) now I take it a little easier well sort of maybe just make better decisions :laugh:


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My busa became unsafe quite a while ago when it started having fuel/electrical issues that I STILL can't figure out. :bomb:


And I truly believe that the machine itself cannot hurt a living, breathing thing, if the Busa were left untouched by human hands it would eventually fall apart and rot. But when human hands are involved, millions of people could get hurt or get killed.
Just like a gun. :thumbsup:


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I've seen/heard this quite a bit lately...that the Hayabusa is unsafe. People are saying to get a "safer" bike. :dunno: Is there a mechanical safety issue that I'm not aware of? Something like it bursts into flame at 78 mph? The seat falls off if you lean it more than 13.4%?

Or are these people blaming the Busa for their inability to ride safely or within their ability? Are they perceiving a cruiser or smaller sport bike to be safer because it lacks the ability to provide an extreme adrenalin rush? I'm not dis'in' these bikes (heck, I own a V-star 650 and a Vino Classic scooter). But let's be honest and admit it's a different kind of riding.

IMO - that smaller, slower bike isn't safer, it simply lacks something the Busa has therefore taking the decision to ride unsafely out of the rider's hands.

Or am I missing something? Which is entirely possible
Don't understand it myself cause I have seen plenty of cruisers an scooters driving unsafely splitting cars on the highway, speeding. :dunno:


On a Steel Horse I ride.
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It's not the bike that's unsafe, it's the idiot sitting on it that's unsafe. A bike is only as safe as the person riding it.


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I think they are just worried because of the sportbike stigma. Then add the busa power to it. People said the same thing when I bought mine, my parents are still thrilled that I was able to get one.:thumbsup: I have a lot of friends in insurance and the last conference he went to gave the stats as such: When dealing with sport bikes 600+ there is a 92% chance the insurance company will own the bike -TOTALED- in under 6 months. They can have reason to worry if they only look at stat and not the ridder.


I got Progressive for $195/year, with 100/300 liability, and thats in NY!!! No fire and theft though.
No Comp or Collision? That's not much of a deal. Liability only for mine would be $77/year. I'm looking at just over $400/year full coverage, but no medical.

fillmore nyc

No Comp or Collision? That's not much of a deal. Liability only for mine would be $77/year. I'm looking at just over $400/year full coverage, but no medical.
What sort of area do you live in? If I lived in rural Pennsylvania, the quote would probably be the same as what you mentioned. If it was St. Augustine, FLA, its gonna be somewhat more expensive. Telling an agent that you own a "GSX-ZX-CBR" ANYTHING in NYC makes ALL the difference.
Risks and liability are much higher, and we all know insurance is all about the insurance companies assessment of their potential for payout in a claim, thereby dictating the cost of a policy.
Supply and demand!!! The "supply" of accidents, injuries and payouts is greater, so the "demand" of the insurance companies accounting dept goes up to suit!!
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