What to look for when purchasing a Busa?


Good Evening all,

This is my first post since joining the other day. I have been looking to purchase a Busa for the last few months and I have found one locally that is up for sale. Here is the majority of the info from the listing on CL:

Asking $9999 OBO

Up for Sale is a Nice 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300 With only 1,369 MILES!!
This bike is very well took en care of and is n perfect condition ....

the Bike HAS a CLEAN title and in my Name and registered till 2014

not a single scratch on the bike...bike was fully repainted and looks very very nice
has few little extras like the gold shorty levers and hayabusa bar ends and tank pad but other than that ALL stock!
This bike is practically brand new and barely broken in... never rode hard... but the bike is crazyyy fast!

The problem for me is that the bike has a custom paint job that im not fond of but it can always be repainted, and im unsure of what questions i should be asking. I will be meeting with the seller soon to look over the bike but want some opinions and general info on anything in particular to be looking out for. Is this a good deal and should i bite at it or keep looking else where. Your advise is greatly appreciated.
Custom paint is a tough one, depends on who painted it, how much you dislike it and what your plans are... Personally I would just look for a factory colored bike and build what you want...
Price seems to be in line with what I have been seeing them go for. I guess for me it would come down to the paint. If you are going to repaint you might want to think about holding out for one that is a color you love. It is not hard to find a 2011 with low miles for 10k these days. I paid 10499 for a brand new 2012. Deals are out there.

At that mileage the bike should be absolutely mint. My advice would be to talk at length with the guy about why he painted. I would want to be sure that it was for looks and not because of damage. Look every inch of it over for scratches or damages of any kind.
for not much more you could go brand new. keep an eye on the dealerships and look for a left over 2012 you can probably get it for 12$
i spoke to the guy earlier and he told me that he bought it that way from the original owner. He says that he has only ridden it for the summer and wants something a lil less heavy. But there is barely any miles on it and he agreed at $8500. am i allowed to post the link to craigslist on here? ill post it so u guys can take a look at it......

*****NICE****2011 Suzuki Hayabusa*OR YOUR OFFER
so here it is check it out lemme know what u guys think
he said the bike was originally white. IDK WHY the original owner changed it b/c i personally love the 2011 white it just looks so clean. but now it is a orangish yellow like mustard
it's kinda weird that someone would go to that much trouble to custom paint an iconic bike like the busa and then discover that it's too heavy for them just 2 years later. I think they should come down on the price a bit because of the paint job, it's not stock which hurts it more if you ask me. Also like some other replies on here, makes me wonder if they're not covering something up??? if the thing is too heavey they could have replaced the exhaust, but none the less, if they don't want it no more, they will come down on price I would think. I would ride it as well as watch it run down the road from a car next to it just to make sure nothing wobbles.
When I see a brand new (or newer) bike that is painted, I always figure that it has been wrecked. Unless it was built for shows, and barely ridden.
I think you can find better deals than that. My buddy bought a lower mileage 09 in early 2011 for $7900
I kinda like the color. I would be tempted for $8500. Line up a shop nearby the seller to look it over for you.