What Should Battery Voltage be?

Dr E

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The battery will run as high as 14.4 or even 15.1, but if your battery when you start out in the morning is below 12.0...expect to hear the clicky clicky no start sound.

As for the running voltage, I have a gauge that gives me a digital readout so these are actual numbers on a 08. Your numbers may vary based on the condition of your stator.

That may also be something that you want to check into...there are upgrades to the stator if you are running a bit of equipment.

Good luck!


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The 5000 RPMs is for checking the charging circuit. The voltages shown above are with the bike turned off I believe.
if u suspect your having problems with your charging system, and therefore are monitoring the voltage, check the rectifier (voltage regulator). I was asking the same question a few weeks ago bc my bike was having starting issues and the voltage would not go about 13v while idling or revving up to 5k. Shop replaced rectifier and all is well now.

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