what a week....WaHoooo


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for the second time this week I have been let off a speeding ticket .
First one : this residential area has been complaining to the cops alot about speeders blastin' thru their lil' piece of da planet....hee hee hee....I'm about 99% sure it was just me...MOSTLY....hee hee hee . They built this new lil' hi-way section not too far from my box n' crib, that gets me home toot-sweet . Last few blocks thou....right thru the "hood" in question . Da' "Man-In-Blue" has bin "Trappin' an' Cappin" for days . Well...he reels me in . Like a big fat salmon . Clocks me at 80 (KPH) thats 50 MPH to those of you in the Free World , in a 30 K zone , thats 18 MPH . He gets the lic. walks back to his chariot , comes back a few later an' says , "See that sign back there, 30 zone".
I said , "No idea it was a thirty,never come thru here".
He says , "Just slow it down THROUGH HERE, we've had alot of complaints."
HEE HEE HEE . It's like he KNOWS its me . He KNOWS I am the reason his boss sent him down here . Screamin' loud guy on the Blu/Silv RAGE-ROCKET. I'm guessin' he gets me to take a different way home and BOTH our troubles are solved . He hands me my licence back, with this funny grin on his face and this twinkle in his eye and says ,"Have a nice day". WAY COOL

#2. TODAY . Blasted downtown to do an' errand . I'm on a city street doin' mach 5 . The limit is 50...I'm doin that squared,an' then some . I get chased down from behind by a "Kojak-with-his-Kodak" ridin in a "plain-wrapper". Hee hee.
Too funny . You guys remember them slogans....anyway....
So , Mr. Police Officer catches up to me, flashes that "roof-top bubble gum machine" an' pulls me over .
Says, "The speed limit here is 50(KPH) .
I said "I'm over heating and was just tryin' to get cooled down". Which , ACTUALLY, was the truth . The temp guage had climbed to the max (it did this once b4 when the power supply for the cooling fan came undone) , BUT , none the less , I was at "warp-factor 2" an' climbing .
He looks at my licence , asks one question , tells me to slow down a bit , and then jumps in his vehicle an' splits .

WOW....... I LOVE BEIN' ME .

hav a good 1........RSD.
Don't yank our chains here Rub........you batted yer lashes and sent a couple winks his way and you were off scott free right.........maybe all the cops in Vic are gay.......did ya ever think of that.........bet yer freaked out now hey.......knowin the were checkin yer azz as you rode away. :bounce: