Weekend Ride!!!!


Weather is supposed to be 60 and sunny this weekend in WNC,

Jayne will be coming out of the garage getting a bath, and going out for a ride!!!!
You guys are so lucky to live where you do and get that nice weather. Im sitting at around 20 degrees right now this week :banghead:
Man, we've had plenty of cold weather.

Stalker, lets meet up for lunch about 1 somewhere in the middle. The wife already asked if we could ride on Sat.
sounds good let me see what the gf has planned should be ok, might have her parents riding with us and maybe my dad ..

too much bad weather haha
We can wait and ride on Sunday if that works better for anyone else.

I wont be ready to go before noon anyway. pm me if you want to join
Make sure you stop by Clydes in Waynesville and tell Claire that John said hello.
So Busastalker didnt make the ride today, but RJB and his friend Jimmy met me and we got some riding in. They're good guys if you get a chance to ride with them.

Going to catch up with Busastalker and ride next time.