We are back!


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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thats better home sweet home board is just like normal...

Capt. how big of a prob was it to move?

Thanx again buddy! External Links MissingExternal Links MissingExternal Links Missing
Well I have one T1 up right now and I need to punch the other one down at the NID. There is just a lot of wiring to do to get everything working correctly. As soon as I get everything working I will snap a pic and let you see the mess. There must be a hundred or so cables. It has been a long day and I appreciate everyones patience while we made the move..... How is the speed of the site? Is it slower, faster or the same? I need to know how we are running at the new pad...

Thanks all

Everything is working fine for me.
Of course I forgot and tried to log on earlier today (yesterday).

Cable baby!
I haven't noticed any slow down... Thanks for the quick move though Captain, I had a brief adventure at the "Other" Busa board and it's good to be home...

I am pretty sure I have become dependant on this site...
Speed seems ok to me. Thanks for the repair. It's pretty scarey not to be able to log on to see what's going on. Much appreciation to the Captain for keeping all this running. :D
Seems fast this morning to me...I'm on T1, so it's rarely creeping anyway...

Thanks captain...hope the move is going well...