Water restrictions = a spit in the ocean


The entire Midwest is under a heavy drought, and all you hear about in the news now is whether water restrictions will be enacted to conserve water. As usual, the news media is a bunch of idiots.

Water useage for the entire United States* breaks down like this:

Irrigation: 39 percent
Thermoelectric power: 39 percent
Public Supply: 12 percent
Industry: 6 percent
Livestock: 1 percent
Domestic (Home use): 1 percent
Mining: 1 percent
Commercial: 1 percent

One percent. Say it again with me, good people... "One percent".

My point is, watering your lawn isn't going to make the drought worse. Dumbass media journalists. I'd like to see them all rounded up and systemmatically shot. In fact, I'd pay to see that.

All that said, I still don't water my lawn. As far as I'm concerned, it's survival of the fittest, so my lawn can deal with it, or get out.

*Source: United States Geological Survey Website
Hey bosch I will send them a pepsi bottle full of water from maine with a note with those stats on it hehe Love the lawn thing I say no water for the lawn I will have to mow it cuts down on the Busa riding time
You know, it takes an entire forest to make one sheet of paper, and we all know that trees are a non-renewable resource.