warranty issues, please help??


This may be a long post, so bear with me. A week after i bought my 08 busa brand new, 0 miles, it was having starting problems after about an hour of riding. My first thought was the battery is getting weak and needs a few good charges. So the first couple times it was struggling to start (very sluggish while cranking), i popped it on the battery tender all night and it would last a few days until i had to charge it again. Started doing some research on the forums and monitoring the battery voltage, finding out the battery was not being charged back up period while riding bc the rectifier was fried. I bought another battery at advanced auto to see if it was just a bad battery, of course my dumb a** let them keep the stocker. Anyway, i fully charged this battery and a day later the same thing, wouldn't start after a short ride. Took it to the dealer and they said the battery was 0% charge and i need a new one. Ok, i'm a moron for picking up an aftermarket battery and told them just to install it. Finally picked the bike up tonight, new battery and rectifier, and they didn't even warranty the rectifier (voltage regulator). He said the battery i had was so low on voltage that it may have fried the rectifier. This is bull****, i have had the bike one month and put 1500 miles on it, bike wouldn't start so i tried a new battery to eliminate the obvious. Anybody know who i could contact with suzuki to get this resolved
It's hard to find a decent dealership that will look out for the customer. They seem to only care about making money. Most of the time if you make a good enough arguement you can get them to fix it but if you already paid it will be hard to get your money back. Good luck... squeeky wheel gets the grease. Make a huge seen at the dealership...that works sometimes...:lol:


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Yeah, raise hell. Those people do not care about you or your bike. I'd call the Suzuki HQ and file a complaint.
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Too make a very long story short, I bought a new 08 8 weeks ago. I had the same problem = no charge / weak battery / slow or no start. Dealer replaced battery 2 times with same results = no charge. dealer then replaced stator , rectifier and starter = same problem, dealer then replaced again stator and rectifier and battery = problem solved. 4 batteries, 3 stators, 3 rectifiers, and 2 starters = functional charging system. All parts and work under warranty.


The dealership was ask powersports in Grove City, OH. I know it would probably have been easier leaving my bike with them and refusing to pay bc it's bull, but they already had it for 2 weeks. I could see them keeping the bike for another week until they got around to calling suzuki. I doubt i will be able to get re-imbursed, but i'm gonna call suzuki and raise hell. I've owned the bike for a little over a month, 1500 miles on the clock, and it breaks down and is in the shop for 2 weeks!! Talk about a well built, reliable motorcycle:whistle::whistle:

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I have gone through two batteries as well on my 08, knock on wood for the rectifier, I have found that when I run more gear on my bike the battery tends to take a good knock on holding a charge. I seem to remember seeing somewhere there is a stator mod that boosts the output by ~40%. (Need to search on this one later) I will be dong that this winter. Good luck with Suzuki...


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I wouldn't have even bought a battery myself.:poke: They would have fixed the bat. first themselves under warranty and what ever else it needed too or they could kiss my:moon: Once you start buying and fixing things yourself they think they can keep it going.???
That whole warranty thing is kinda shady.. You take it to the dealership, if it is covered under warranty, they put your bike to the back of the pack. So you get it fixed, and dont get it back for 2 to three weeks.. WTF.. I mean isn't it enough that I paid a lot of money for the damn bike.

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