Veterans Ride and Abandoned Nuke Power Plant


Info on Nuke Facility

This is what was posted prior on our MC's website.

In the 1980's TVA abandoned finishing this nuclear power plant, but its main foundation and footprint remains and as far as I know can be accessed by the public (Honda & Yamaha of Knoxville to Rutledge Pike - Google Maps). The ride is a little long but should be very scenic following Cherokee Lake. We'll stop somewhere for lunch.



I did more research on this:

Phipps Bend Nuclear Power Plant - a set on Flickr

On the following news article on line there is a statement:

"The reactor facility is surrounded by a security fence and barbed wire, and isn’t open to the public.

Signs are posted all around the facility stating, “Extreme Danger: Keep Out.”

Hawkins County Industrial Developer Lynn Lawson, who led the students on their tour of the facility Monday, said the signs aren’t exaggerating.

Everywhere you turn, you’re only a few feet from a manmade hole in the floor with a 30-foot drop, which apparently would have served some purpose had the nuclear reactors been fired up."

On location: ETSU students OK'd to film at Phipps Bend nuclear plant | Kingsport Times-News

Phipps Bend Nuclear Power Plant (never completed)

In light of the news article I think we need to be super careful about how we check out this place. I would propose this. We don't want anyone getting hurt falling through a 30 foot hole/shaft. Also I am sure that we would get in major trouble if we got caught sneaking around there.

All in all we are going to check it out. If it looks like there is more than a 50% chance we can get a closer look then we will. If security is pretty tight then we will not try to get ourselves arrested and will just look from a distance.

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Too bad you don't know anybody with a background in TVA Nuclear Security... :poke:

The short answer is don't try it. We had four TVA nuclear plants which were cancelled during construction due to public fears after Three Mile Island, as well as a slow-down in the increase of demand for electric power in the 80's. Phipps Bend never went nuclear, and is not protected anything like our active nuclear plants. However, it is a VERY dangerous environment. I assure you, there are holes many times deeper than 30 ft. You may see them, and you may not. Either way, being there is a criminal trespass, and not something you want to face on U.S. Gov't property.

As a side note, going into the Protected Area of an active nuclear plant like Sequoyah, Watts Bar, or Browns Ferry is essentially suicide.

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