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Friendly advice. Stay on top of your vehicles condition.

From time to time I call the dealer of the vehicles I own.Even if I bought them privately/pre-owned. Today I called the Dodge dealer.I wanted to know if there was a recall on the turn signal componants in the steering column. No recall,but an' extended service plan item.

Also mentioned,a recall for a steering componant. Wow. How nice. Thanks for the "heads up" on that one guys. No phone call,no letter,no nothing.

The moral of the story: Dont trust you and family's safety to a large corporation. Be proactive.



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More importantly, Don't trust your or your family's safety to a Dodge!!!:poke:
I love lots about my truck. The Cummins for one. I dont know if there is a "bullit proof" vehicle made anywhere on this entire fuggin planet these days.

If you happen to come across one...let me know. I'll be the first lucky bastid in line to buy it.

Even our precious Busa's can be fugged "right outa the box."

I wrote the odd fix as far back as ten years ago.

fuel pumps
fuel filters
****ty brakes
blah blah blah.

As mentioned,if you ever find a bullit proof car,truck,M/C,boat,toaster,microwave,DVD player...you just let me know.

Cash waiting...:laugh:


E Zurcher

Just messin wit ya!

I am not a fanboy either way though I am partial to GM, I'll buy whatever fits my budget and meets my needs.

I do know a couple of people who have had problems with trannies in Dodges whilst towing campers and such. My neighbor across the street went through 3 of them in his Dodge before he traded in on a GMC. I also lost a tranny in a Dodge Caravan so I tend to steer away from them. I had a Ford Escort blow up the motor due to a bad water pump which ran off the timing belt (Stupid Design) and haven't bought a Ford since.

I realize that any vehicle is a roll of the dice. In fact my philosophy on vehicles is "All cars are pieces of SHI*, some you pay more for up front and some you pay more for in the end but they are all designed to break and cost you money!"

I've been driving the same 2002 GMC Sierra for the last 10 years, which I bought used with 65000 miles on it. I now have 145K and have only had to replace the fuel pump. Not too bad.

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