Ultimate Ten


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This should be good........ Will include the Hayabusa! Its the fastest of the fast or something like that.  
I could create an mpeg of this for those of you that can't watch it if there is interest. The Busa is in there somewhere
Would ya could ya please. Good lQQkn out ICED. Email or PM when itz ready thankz Playa.
Anytime guys!

I hope someone's got a fast ftp server (or here?) that I can upload to, i only have a cable connection.

MSF: yeah, get out there, u need to be done for the 15th!
Thanks for the reminder ks... I guess I need to get off of this computer and finish my homework so I can watch it.

Homework *really* sucks when you're 33 years old...

It's the Ultimate Ten awesome rides and it's on The Learning Channel at 10:00 PM Eastern tonight. The busa is supposed to be one of the ten baddest rides in the world. As far as I'm concerned it IS the baddest!!!

Oracle... I hear ya... After this class I'll be the one giving out the homework though. I'm in Law Enforcement Instructor School.
If someone will record it I will stick it on my FTP server or on the vids page.

I'm extracting a copy as we speak into SVCD mpg... i'll try and upload it here if i can get access to the ftp server or i'll upload it to the vids page as captain says.
Iced send me a PM when you get ready for the FTP and I will send you a username and pass to a FTP server.

Hi Captain, i sent a PM but dunno if it got thru. It said it "sent it to ."