Two Person


I'm thinking of buying a new Hayabusa, I just wanted to know how comfortable is my girlfriend gonna be riding on the back?
My wife and I went out today rode over 100 miles and my wife likes it says its more comfortable than Fz1. I think the hayabusa is a lot more comfy riding than my fz1. I had a valkyrie before that and the busa is definitly more comforable than the valkyrie and that is considered a cruiser. By the way my wife and I are a couple of spring chickens of 51 years of age!
oh.... I forgot a rear seat came with the busa... HA! HA!

I have never even put the rear seat on my bike....
I love the hump look........
beside's I've been hit by a car once and swore that I would never ride another passenger.... they freak out to bad!!!
Ask Pacemaster aka Kawafaski, he rides with his wife on the back all the time, long distances too. Reno to Vegas, how far is that?
My wife chose the Busa for me. She sat on a variety of other bikes and it was the only one that was really comfy for her. Looking at getting a Corbin seat with rest for her though, that will put the finishing touches on the comfort scale for her. Lucky for me though, she got in the drivers seat and decided that she wanted a bike for herself, but that's next year.
I actually bought my Busa with that as my number one priority.
We found that the Busa covers two goals better than any other single bike.
The goals being great power when I'm riding alone and
comfortable two up riding.
On a sportbike these two goals are hard to achieve.
My last bike was a ZX11 and these two bikes are very similar in riding position for both passenger and pilot, and we spent alot of miles on the 11 two up with only very minor complaints.
The one thing I personally am going to add to the Busa is a backrest for her that will clamp to the rear rail, so I can remove it when she's not with.
my wife likes the corbin seat,i mgetting one for the front also and i just ordered the backrest friday

The Busa is not too bad two up..but some kind of backrest is a must..i have a Givi setup with a center plate and had a backpack strapped to it..alas..a backrest..but would like to get a Givi top bag with backrest pad..wheelies are possible two up with that..YEA..
I have had a couple of women on the back and they both like it. I used the Corbin setup the last time, and it was awesome. It even gave me a sense of comfort.

However, the question is a relative one. It depends on your and her past experience. If you are used to a Gold Wing, it won't compare. But as far as sport bikes, super sport bikes, or sport touring bikes, the Busa is at the top of the heap. With a few modifications, it becoses an awesome bike for touring.
Who has the best prices for the backrest for the busa and also the corbin seats. Man I wish my wife didn'tsee that pic with the Busa with a back rest, now I'm going to have to buy for her thanks guys...  
Nobody seems to discount the Corins. Unless you find a dealer who happens to have one in stock, and this is unlikely, your best bet is to order directly from Corbin. However, you might try E-Bay. Someone's always selling one.

Oh...the current Corbins do not fit the '03s. Corbin is still working on the '03. Don't ask me what the difference is.
Thanks for the info, right after I made this post, I checked out ebay and found a Corbin seat for 169.00, Also found a back rest . Anyway thanks for the info .....
You can get the corbins from dwayne at cycle concepts
front seat is 199 backrest under 199 or the cheaper one $159 and rear seat $169

front seats on ebay have been going for like $212.50 lately
I ride 2 up more than half the time and she says its more comfortable than any other bike we have tried. I still get the cramps in my arms from holding her and I off the tank but compared to a GSXR750 or 1000 its much better. Compared to a Goldwing hmmmm you get the picture. It was a good compromise for us.
i think it also depends on your body dimensions. the busa is more comfortable among the sportbikes. There are some sporttouring bikes that do provide better comfort. CBRX1000 blackbird. BMW, honda ST1300 and Goldwing. The corbin seat or equiv is necessary if you plan to ride long
I have the Corbin setup, front seat, back seat, and backrest. I wouldn't trade the front seat for anything, its great comfort on long rides and i don't find myself sliding in it like i do the stock seat. Where you plant your butt in a corbin your butt stays. The rear seat is about 3-4 inches taller than the stock seat so its not only more comfortable but gives your passenger more leg room. The backrest gives me and the Mrs more security, she always thinks she's gonna come off the back---she new to bikes, and has ridden more with this setup. Now that she has gotten more comfortable on the bike I may dump the backrest.
My wife thinks the 'busa is very comfortable. We used to tour on our Kawa Concours (sport/tour) and she thinks the 'busa is a hair more comfy.