Twin Scroll Turbo Divided Flange


Hey guys,

I’m planning to build exhaust manifold for a twin scroll turbo. I just wanna build it right so according to what I read, I should join 1st firing cylinder with the 3rd into one hole of the divided T3 flange and join the 2nd firing cylinder with the 4th into the organization hole of the T3 flange.

Gen 1 Hayabusa firing order (please correct me if I’m wrong on this fact) is:
- cylinder #1 stator side is the (1st) in the firing order
- cylinder #2 is (2nd)
- cylinder #3 is (4th)
- cylinder #4 is (3rd)

Does this mean I merge cylinder #1 and #4 into one hole on the T3 ... cylinder #2 and #4 the other hole?
Seems I posted them on another site
I will post them later today when I get home. or look on the other site,
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500ish ?!?!?!?!

This thing starts spooling while turning 3,500 rpm down the road
that is part of the reason I struggled so much with a new fueling system
.....lets see here lets start with 100 in the table and I can start pulling fuel........ride down road bike keeps shutting off and bucking
I have 2-4 psi at cruise (2,500-4,000)and the 100 I put in the tables was WAY too much
old header/turbo didn't do this
Any boost creep with that design ? I realize that you can't get into the turbo housing with the waste gate with the dual scroll turbo.
I just put the motor together, with a Completely new turbo, header and fueling system
I rode it with no gate spring and 2psi on the AMS1000 Brand new setup, you have to start somewhere.
AND WFO from the get go could have been very expensive