Tricky Gauges


Sup all Im still having trouble uploading photos so I cant show off my baby yet, but I got a good question for you all.

I wanna change my gauges, Not just the faces but the whole gauge. I was thinking a newer 1000 But how do you change the wiring around to make them work Or do I need to use the older style gsxr gauges that have a analog tach and speedo? I was thinking about getting the wiring schmetachics for both, but im just kinda hoping someone could tell me its a simple wire swap. Any help would be appreciated.

Ok dont quote me as the honest truth but here are some things to consider. The Busa and the 1000 have different computers etc besides just the obvious wiring differences. The old type guages an dirrectly from an input on the motor for tach and a cable from the front wheel to run the speedo. I believe the Busa has an electronic speedo. Not to mention the fab work to get them to loog good in the gauge cluster. the 1000 guages are cool I wish the Busa had something like that too but I dont think it can be done (where there is a will there is a way) easily.
yeah 24x I know the gauges and computers are different but im kinda an old schooler and you know what that means, where theres a will theres a way :super: The way I see it as both pannels are electronic so there has to be a way to make it work. Anyone with a 1000 wiring schmetac?? I have the one for the busa so i guess it would be a whole lot of research and cross referencing to make it work. also i think im gonna make a pannel for my bike that just has a tach, oil pressure and nitrious pres gauges. I figure I can drop another pound or two that way :D Besides no one will have it or mabey im just a little any ideas or comments welcome