Problem with 99 gauges.. I need help.!.


will any year gauges work in a 99 model or does it have to be 99/00 specific?

problem is i bought a 99 that had the plug missing for some reason. it has a set of 180 gauges that he gave me with the bike supposably for it but he didnt know for a fact.
i got my avionics buddy at work with me to just hardwire wires to the prongs in the back of the gauges and seal around them because i could not find just a plug anywheres without buying a complete harness.......
got the wires in the gauges and my buddy that does have a 99 apart right now i went off his plug on the bike for the gauges and wired the gauges up directly to my harness. doulbe and tripple check that the wires are hooked up to the right colors and they are...
all the fuses are good, but the tach, speedometer, temperature, fuel, and neutral light are not working. the high beam and high beam light works, the oil light comes on when i first turn the key on and crank, and the blinker lights work..... i'm going crazy and i dont know what to do. is there a certain relay that controlls these things that could be bad maybe or a certain plug on the harness i should check. everythign LOOKS ok but havent check it with a meter yet.. any ideas are greatly appreciated and needed. thanks in advance.... i'll post a pic of the bike also, it runs fine just dont have any gauges.


beautiful bike man, from what i have seen there are some color coded differences in the wire to the dashboard have you downloaded the manual here? Should help but color coding appears to be different from the 99 to the other years. If you don't know what year that cluster belongs to may be difficult. Any chance getting the original I would want the 220 speedo on my 99 :laugh:
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i can always get 220 later i just want to get it working now. i have it wired up to the gauges the way the 99 goes. and yes it is diffrent between the years. i read where other people were having the same issues. 1 was because of corrosion inside the cluster itself and another was a melted wire on the tail causing it to short which i'm sure isnt the problem. any other ideas?