Track Rental @ Milan Dragway - SE Michigan October 3rd 5pm-8pm


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I am hosting a track rental at Milan Dragway in SE Michigan on October 3rd. This is a Monday and it will be from 5pm-8pm. We are having trouble filling all of the spots. There are 4 spots available and I have atleast 10 that have no names attached to them. If you are interested, I understand it may be a little hard for people to give me cash to pay for the spot so I would be willing to accept Paypal from members on this board. If there's any interest on here, please let me know ASAP because this date is coming up quickly. Last year was a lot of fun and there were people that made well over 25 passes. Here's a copy of my post on the local forum:

2011 Grudgement Day

This will be either October 3rd, Monday from 5pm-8pm.

Here's the pricing:

$2500 = 40 cars/3 hour time slot

A $300 deposit is require to hold the date and the rest is due the day of.

$55.00 per vehicle
$10.00 per spectator

Now for payment, I will not be doing any type of paypal, check, etc. Must be CASH in my hand. I will add anyone to the list, but people that pay first take priority. No spots will be held unless paid.

I'm very easy to get a hold of so there isn't much of an excuse to not pay up. You can either stop at Honda East and hand me the money or you can call my cell phone to meet up with me. I will not take responsibility for you giving your money to a friend and it somehow does not make it to me. I will also accept money for spectators to help offset the initial cost. I will update this post when people have paid.

My cell phone number is 419-270-7711. Feel free to text or call me. If I do not answer, I will call you back when I get a chance too

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