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I am set up for another track day and Big O wanted me to post some info in case some others wanted to attend. Here you go. See you out there hopefully.


It is on June 9th (Monday)

to sign up go to

or call (877)809-2170
Marc, what group are you riding in? I was thinking Intermediate.
Intermediate. My friend I am coming with will be in the Expert or club group. He is crazy fast!

I got the registration forms in the email today, one question (again) will I need to attend the first time riders session? Probably a good idea I know but I don't want to get stuck in the beginner class all day.
BigO if you feel confident after the riders meeting then stay in the intermediate group. I will be there so will Big Gar and some others. Should be a good time. If you have any questions ask.

Marc "Howlin Mad"