Track Day revisited

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The Good: It was a beautiful day, sunny, hot, met up with Marc, his friend Keith(?) and Big Gar and his wife.  I haven't seen Marc since last August for the L.A. ride.  I was in the intermediate group with Marc and Gar and we were doing our first laps around the track to warm up and get used to the track, (my first time).  One the third lap I came out of turn 9 which get deceptly sharp right at the end.

The Bad: I saw a cloud of dust, looked to go inside to get past it and I see the front of Marc's bike poke through the dust NOOO!!!! where is he?!!  There he is tumbling in the dirt on the side. (turns out he's ok, bumps and bruises and a small cut below his eye) I'm thinking tumbling is NOT good.  Track Rule: Do NOT stop to help a fellow rider.  How hard is that?  We pull into the pits and go to check how he's doing.  He's walking (whew!) he's OK.  Thank God.

The Ugly: The bikes a mess.  I didn't see how it happened but a witness told me he high-sided after going into the dirt and the bike tumbled too.  

It was my first track day ever so I was pretty excited about it and it took me more than a few laps to get used to the track and pushing the 'Busa to my limits.  I got a Ton of advice from anyone I asked.  Go wide here, cut it tight here, brake hard here, wide open here.  I got faster as the day went on.  I probably sounded like I was complaining because I was saying things like, "I couldn't get turn 3 down", (never did), "how many times do you get lapped before they drop you down to beginner?", (the whole field passed me at least once), but I had a fantastic time.  I got to push my limits and the 'Busa handled it very well.  Didn't scrape anything, but I did scrub a little rubber off.
Here's me, Marc, Big Gar, and Keith, at the end of the day.

Ok, it's a little cheesy to show the tires, but I've never had my tires look like this:

Many thanks to Marc, for all the help and answering all my questions.
damn, damn, damn!!! Marc, i am sooooooo sorry to hear you went down!!! glad you are okay .... bikes can be replaced, bodies can't!!!!! Owen, glad you had a good day at the track, tires are looking pretty "boogered" up!! that's my dawg!!! (can't believe i just said booger) you got big cahones to start out your first track day in the intermediate. i was nervous as hell starting out in the beginning, but felt comfortable after lunch moving up... it sounds like you handled it well.... isn't it a trip how well the Busie handles at the track!! i am loving it!! congrats!

sorry it got off to a bad start with Marc going down, but like i said it could have been worse!!! Marc, let me know what ya need to get up and running again if Girlfriend isn't getting totaled....

Big O [looking at rear tread wear tire pic] were you able to lean to the edges of tire without scrapping pegs? Never been that far, just curious if you can without raising pegs.
O - your first time out and Marc is so scared of a novice that he ditches it in the fastest corner?

What did ya do to him - it's ok, you can tell us.

All fun aside, glad Marc is ok and that you had a good time (I'm still trying to get out to my first track day).

BTW - a 180 or 190 rear tire can easily be used side to side without scraping anything, that's what Palomar is good for.

Sorry to hear about your get-down. Glad to hear that you didn't hurt yourself. Hope your bikes not too trashed. I dropped my bike not too along ago so I know how you feel.
Welcome to the board D!

W- I didn't scrape the footpegs or anything else, and I have a 180 on the rear.
glad to hear that your OK. sorry to hear that your bike went down.

All, let's be careful out there.

Big O. love those tires!!! as soon as i get my bike finished i am taking her to the track.
I called Marc this afternoon, he seems to be doing fine, as a matter of fact he was on his way to work (a true Marine).
I asked him if they're was anything I could do for him, and he said he's ok.

Maybe Marines don't like asking Sailors for help.

Marc I got your back let me know if I can help you in any way.
WOW! Glad Marco is OK. Owen u da man! Hang in and on brother. Glad u said that was the end of day pic and everyone is smiling...

Marc - You lost weight or is that your good side? Will Busie be good to go by Laguna? Let me know if I can help - Kent
I think Marc was wincing, No he's smiling, in true Marine fashion.
Although track day sounds fun, what a bummer Marc!!! What parts are ya needing or does insurance fix you up. Let us know...
Man I got some stock exhaust and a OEM front fender.......that's it......but Marc can have it if he needs it.
Although track day sounds fun, what a bummer Marc!!!  What parts are ya needing or does insurance fix you up.  Let us know...
right on doc.....I know I aint yer best friend Marc...don' really fuggin' care 'bout that in times like these...

I've got a screen , pipes , turns , tailite , grabrail , etc , donation, U name it .

I know ya got pissed about yer buddy Lo , an' I think I came across as "sick-of-hearin'-'bout-it" . shid happens .

my parts/time/$... R ur parts/time/$ .

RubberSide-is not-down.....this time . Lend the man a hand....

if he wants it .

Man I got some stock exhaust and a OEM front fender.......that's it......but Marc can have it if he needs it.
You know it took me awhile to figure this out...I spaced that Marc is Howlin...the picture didn't help, a SMILE..on Howlin? Hey, If your gonna tank it, the tracks the place...

Glad your intact and so is Uncle Sam I am sure. Need anything...shout.

So how many does this make just since March 2003?

-Fatjap, Down on road.
-One of the big E's. Down on road.
-Icemann, Down in High Speed garage Accident...

-Howlin_Mad, Down on track

And I think I missing one or two?

Be careful out there folks, keep your head in the ride.
OH boy, was that at Willow....Kinda nice you can bail somtimes without getting hurt...bikes always get hurt...hope you get it fixed in time for Laguna.....Hope members can help with wishes Pace....PS i road raced Sears Point for a year and a half...Whatta trip...saw waaay to much carnage..I survived without "bailing" close though...Glad you are Ok...Pace.. ,took it to the track...excellent "dude" fried tires and all.."Good Job" Pace..............