To extend or not ..that is the question


I use the busa as a GT/ Grand Tourer, commuter, hit the twisties hard occassionally and mostly as an all around ride. It seems to do all things well -which is why i own it. But am thinking about extending the swingarm six inches. I figure with an adjustable i can go 0 when i want to hit the twisties and 6 if i'm showing or just bling blinging the day away. But before I make the purchase I wanted to get some feedback on extended swingarms from the Pros which means I turned to you guys for the pros and cons.Thanks
If that is what you want to it!

In theory, the extra pound or two will slow the rear suspension reaction and may cause some extra slipage of the rear tire on a rough road? The practical aspect is that to change from long to short position you will have to use a different chain or chain length. Breaking a chain is not a real big job but is not something I would want to do often. And I don't know if it is good for the chain to do it often. If you leave it in the long position, it may not have a big affect on your handling except in the extreme twisties. It will cause you to lean over farther and possibly scrape parts if you try to go as fast as you used to? But then it will look hot doing it. Take your pick!