4 inch fixed  or 6 inch adjustable extension


Well i finally bought another swingarm. I've been thinking about extened my swingarm for looks mostly, but can't decide whether to go 4 or 6 inches.

What are the pros and cons of 4 and 6?

Will it turn like a truck with 6?

Ok I want the looks, and am not the corner carving demon like some of you but i like to know i can carvet the corners when i want to or need to.

What would you'll do and why?
I'd go with the 6" adjustable...then you can have it anywhere between stock and 6 over.....
atleast if you go for six you will be able to use it at 4 if its fully adjustable. over here in the uk it would just be a complete pain in the arse with all the tight twisty roads.:O
I would go with a adjustable, I did
Seriously if you don't like that it is out 6"'s then you can move it in a bit. At first I had it 7"'s out and then moved it in to about 5"'s and I like it better.